Some days are better than others, that’s true.  But on those days when something in me is screaming, “I doan wanna,” I gotta wonder.

Is this something I need to listen to?  Or is it just the child in me exercising her rebellious nature?  Okay, maybe I’m weary and need to rest. This thing I’m asking myself might just be one too many.

But, that’s not how it is, I say, “I can do this.  I want to do this!”  Wouldn’t it be cool if I could get out my Willingness bottle and spray it on?  As soon as it seeps in, I would be fully willing to do it.  (Even if there were some boundaries, I’d be willing to make my way over them.)

Let’s say I’m tired.  The perfume of willingness would allow me to do some, anyway.  Try it for 10 or 15 minutes.  If it still isn’t flowing, take some notes and schedule another time.  But I would feel better if I did something . . . anything.

Perhaps I could whip up an infusion of Willingness. Paulette Terrels’ 30 second break might help:
1.  Stop what I’m doing and relax my shoulders.
2. Take two easy, cleansing breaths.
3.  Do the Thich Nhat Hanh chant 3 times –
“Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile, dwelling in this present moment I know it is a wonderful moment.”
On the first breath, I think about how happy I am that I can do this simple tactic.
On the second breath, I put on a big smile so I can feel it.
On the third breath I think of something that makes me feel really good so I can smile deeply. Refreshed and renewed, and I hope, more willing to take on what’s in front of me.

This spray-on Will would also help to reveal the fun. With the softer vision of willingness, the fun can shine through!

Another tactic might be to use momentum energy.  Keep it going to fuel the fires and keep the home fires burning. If used correctly, the spray could become irrelevant.

Julia Cameron says, though, that you are better motivated by inspiration and excitement, rather than will. Still it couldn’t hurt to dab a bit behind your ears when you need a little boost.