As Tamilee Webb says in her exercise video, “Don’t let that energy drop!”

I’m trying the tactic I used last November for NaNoWriMo.  I believe it works on the principle of Momentum Energy.

I’ve had a book I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time, called “Love Letters From Your Soul.”  It’s had a difficult journey, with hiccups and re-directions along the way.  I made a commitment that I was going to get it ready to go by April. So, the plan was to give it some time every day in March.  Even if that was no more than making plans or rereading notes.  I’ve kept it in mind for 20 days now.

Now, as I cruise into the last two weeks of the months, I find I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.  As I like to say, a small amount of effort, applied regularly, produces results.  And so it has.  What I have is momentum.  The project is alive with ideas, plans and small steps left to do. I’m really ready to push it through!

I believe, as busy, active people, we often long to languish and do nothing.  Or to take things slowly when we can.  It can be easy to sink into apathy or lose interest in something that takes too long.

Momentum is a beautiful thing whether you generate it consciously or find yourself in it.  It is helpful to use it when it’s there.  Respect it and let it carry you.  It can be powerful juju!