“When people speak of ‘being on the path’ or of life as a ‘journey,’ they are referring to the constant vigil required to train the Conscious Mind to listen to the lessons of the Higher Self, which because of the interference of the chatter box, elude us at times. – Susan Jeffers.  I hope to remind us all of these lessons on the path.

I have been a seeker on the path for many a year. I have read some truly inspiring books and studied under brilliant and advanced teachers.  And I have written many, many words on these topics.

My length of time on the road and all the studying I’ve done does not mean I don’t stumble on the path.  But I have figured out how to use that to my advantage. I have learned that life does not progress in a straight line.  It’s far more circular with issues coming back around as you move along this path.  Sometimes it seems to get you somewhere, others it feels like you’re just meandering here and there.  I like to take a break now and then to take a look at it.

Another lesson I’ve learned is that the answers we need, all of us, are always, right there in front of us in everyday life.  Staring us in the face.  At times, all we fail to do is notice.

These essays are the story of the times I have stumbled and stopped to take a look.  My particular bent on what’s happened, coming out of a deep well of study, lessons learned and a keen awareness.

My dedication to this Blog continues on.  I hope to be more focused from here on out, since I have pulled some of the sidelines that cropped up in times past at this Blog.  Now it’s All Spirit, all the time!

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