The Universe is made up of Energy – molecules, electrons, atoms . . .  All coming together in various speeds to form our life of matter. It stands to reason that if you move any of that energy around, it moves the whole shebang.

If you put something out there (even words which surely have power) something will come back. We may miss it sometimes because it can come back from a totally different angle.  I’m here, facing this direction, moving things forward when something appears behind me.  It’s not readily apparent that I made that happen. But energy can bounce around in all kinds of directions.

Anyone who has done social networking knows about this. The slightest movement out there can bring all kinds of replies. The space between us is revealed to be small.  You can touch someone else’s energy on the other side of the world!

My mother used to say you have to send letters to get them. I don’t know if things have changed in this instant digital world, but I don’t see that happening.  Emails are not necessarily answered quickly. But I can surely stir up some kind of energy when I send out emails.

So, I suggest, if things feel stuck, do something. Anything at all.  Just something different, something reaching out to others. Move the energy.  Then sit back and watch what comes back to you!