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I believe in God. Not necessarily on Faith. I see plenty of physical proof of God’s presence all around me. If I but look.

In the present moment there are many things that give evidence of God to me. I can look into the faces of the people I love who populate my life and see God. The way the sun lights up the curtains next to my desk. My water bottle, beside me always. Like Masaru Emoto prescribes, I have a label on it that says Joy. I look at it and think joyful thoughts, thereby infusing the bottle with that emotion. That’s pretty strong evidence, I think.

How about the truly magical Modern Conveniences we have at our fingertips each and every day? Who but a benevolent God gives us such wonders? The computer and what it can do and all the places it can take me! My blessed Pandora, that sends me musical messages of guidance, brings me to tears, gets me up and dancing, or allows me a few minutes of breath and awareness during my favorite songs. It’s hot outside, I’m kept cool. It’s raining, I have light to work by. Cooking and cleaning are a breeze. I am connected by Internet or phone to almost anyone I please. With a few key strokes I can discover the answers to just about any question. Can you call this any less than physical proof?

What else could paint such Art out my back door – a plethora of golden sunlight and delicate shades of green, strong browns and blacks. In exquisite detail, moving in the breezes, playing with the light. Just the perfect mix of colors and textures. God is quite an Artist and generous with His works.

We could cite this amazing brain we have. Some more developed than others, of course, but still it work marvels. Our minds can think up the most incredible things. And boy can they can take us places! Any place we can imagine. The things we can create. And who knows what this amazing computer of a brain we have is capable of? To me, the incredible intricacies of our bodies and how they work scream God.

What a system He’s created! When I get a glimpse of how life really works, I am dazzled by its splendor, its simplicity, well . . . So God-like in its perfection. The cause and effect of energy is such an elegant system. Could this all have fallen into place by itself? The Cosmology of the Universe is so stunning. A wonder for certain! Endless Forms most Beautiful. Such grace and mystery.

The more I learn about the Universe, the more I’m convinced of the existence of God. That we are all made of the same stuff says that science knows we are all connected. The brilliant Particle Physicist and part time rock star, Professor Brian Cox, who might never speak of a belief in God said this,”We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” Which is precisely how God described the creation of the Universe in Conversations with God Book 1. Scientific proof!

The beauty we all seek, the peace, the feeling of being home is right there in front of us all the time. To stay alive, all we have to do is breathe and breathe out. Receiving and Giving. Staying aware in the moment, seeing what is and doing what works. Could anyone but God have thought this all up?

In any given moment if I pay attention, I see ample evidence of the existence (and Love) of God. Some might call it an Intelligence behind it all. Surely there is something. And even though the Universe may be destructive, I know Professor Cox can see the perfection and beauty of it.

I like to say that I think the Marx Brothers proves the existence of God. I just don’t believe so much talent and joy could exist in world without a God.

I have been watching a lot of programs lately about the Universe.  It seems our technology has gone very far and taught us so many things about this vast place we live!

He could well be the new Carl Sagan.  Professor Brian Cox, a British Physicist, has been enchanting me with his lessons and passion for the wonders of this world. (He has series called Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, Wonders of Life, among others.)  If you’ve never experienced his work, I strongly suggest you check him out.

It gets me thinking when you really listen to these scientists, it all seems to work within the spiritual theories I have been taught.  I have yet to hear (except in opinion) any kind of proof that God wasn’t behind all this.  My theory remains that it seems folly to think that all this magnificence happened on its own, without intelligence behind it.

As it is in the microcosm, so it is in the macrocosm is a very spiritual concept that fits perfectly with Dr. Cox’s explanations.  He has said that the stars, the planets, the sun, us, are all made of the same stuff.  That says to me that we are all one.

It’s very exciting when science backs up spirituality.  So often it’s just the words we chose that separate us.  I can’t venture to guess what the good Professor believes, but most scientists don’t confess to believe in the existence of God.  I wonder how they do that with such constant proof around them!

Reinventing yourself doesn’t have to be a huge project filled with bold moves.  It’s much easier if you let life, with its warp and woof, shape you. You are reinvented every day, every moment by the choices you make.

Let’s say you’re a baker and that’s just not cutting it anymore.  You feel a need to reinvent yourself into a candle stick maker.  If you’re not careful, and move your hands from dough to wax, you could get burned.

If you’re knocking on one door and it’s not opening, look around for another that might be ajar.  You could find an opportunity to write about baking or teach eager students.  A way you hadn’t even considered.

It starts with small building blocks.  Knowing the essence of what you want.  That is a nice, broad statement which allows multiple ways for the Universe to deliver it to you.  Rather than say, I want to be a candlestick maker, you could rephrase it to, I want a career that can make good money and feels fulfilling to me. That opens the door to a lot more possibilities!

Then, you make decisions in the present moment, based on the lay of the land, guided by your essence.  What is the next best thing you can do?  You could try looking for what feels good and exciting and could move you closer to your goal.

It’s all in how you look at it.  You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself, reviewing all your failures.  Or could you can start to poke around for some ideas. Small steps are not only allowed, they are encouraged. This brings it down to human size. You are the only one who can decide which ones you’re willing to take. You can feel shitty and be afraid of disasters in the future or you can feel groovy about what it could be.  When you put your money in the slot a gum ball may come out, or you could get a plastic container with a toy inside!  If you can view life as an unexpected adventure, you’re going to have a much easier time of it.

One thing I know for sure: when you put out energy of any kind, something comes back. And it’s rarely what you thought it would be.  But based on what shows up in the moment (what your energy has caused), guided by your essences, you decide what feels best to do next. That’s all there is to it!  One action at a time.  Things will fall into place without having to strive and work hard.  As you watch what’s happening around you, see what shows up from following those groovy feelings.  More of the same maybe?  You could be creating a trend . . .

I always pay attention when I hear the same message from two or more sources.  This time it was about the importance of asking.  You just can’t get it if you don’t ask for it.

Though forming that question isn’t as easy as it seems.  But form it you must. Specifics are key.  The clearer you are about what you’re asking for, the easier it is to get an answer.

There is a second part to asking: Listening.  When you ask another person it’s only right to listen to what they have to say.  It’s not essential that you use everything they offer, but you do need to listen to it all. Carefully.

When you’re asking the Universe or your inner self, it is even more critical that you listen.  You never know where the answer may come from.  So it’s doubly important to listen carefully.  And keep that question in your mind!

Ask well, listen intently and the answer will come.

I believe in Gratitude.  I think it’s just about the most powerful thing in the Universe.

Gratitude can make something horrible into something tolerable.  It can turn a washed out picnic into a delightful afternoon.  It can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Not a lot of things can lay claim to all of that!

It upsets me that we only celebrate gratitude one day a year.  In some countries, not even that. I need to be grateful that the country where I live, at the very least, does have one day.  But I am sorry for the rest.

Gratitude listing is part of my daily activities.  I often wish I did it more often throughout the day.  Grace before meals can help that.  And perhaps some gratefulness at the end of the day, before going to sleep.

What might happen in our world if everyone took the time to be grateful several times throughout the day?  I’d venture a guess that there would be fewer (if not 0) wars, as everyone would be too happy to wage it.  One of the other powers of Gratitude is that it can wipe out greed. The feeling that a particular country needs or wants a certain piece of land might just become mute.

The same principle might apply to criminal acts.  If everyone’s wallowing around in being grateful for everything they have, chances are they’d be less likely to be interested in yours.

Another benefit of constant gratitude is the willingness (maybe even the drive) to help others.  So the next guy who buys shoes for a homeless person won’t be lauded as a hero, but simply acknowledged and quickly emulated.

When you begin to make choices for what items stay and which go in your home,

your vision becomes clearer and

you will start to see which actions support you and which drain.

This leads to picking more consciously what you will and will not let into your life.

Eventually you will see your life filled with things that support you,
rather than zap your energy.

This would then spill over into honoring yourself more

by making healthier, more supportive choices for You

for Others

and for the Universe


I’d like to first, take the time to thank my readers.  Especially those of you who have subscribed and get regular deliveries of my words.  It means so much to me there are souls out there listening.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

In posting on the first module of the book that never was, I have seen it more clearly.  If you will allow a bit of a repeat, I’d like to share my renewed thoughts.

This first class in the Smart Module, “The Cosmology of the Universe,” will take the reader into the planetarium to see how the Universe works.

Section one is “Getting to Know the Loving Universe.”  I now believe this is the most important piece. The place to start is with an overview of the ways this Universe is here for us, working on our behalf.  On Twitter, recently, Neale Donald Walsch said, “There is nothing that happens in life that is not for our benefit, nor can there be, for it would not be happening.”  This section tells of how we come equipped with everything we need, such as curiosity, courage, and imagination.. We find that we are loved constantly and unconditionally.  All we have to do to prove it is look for it.

From there we go to “Tuning into the Twin Constellations of Acceptance and Allowance.”  These powerful twins offer the portal to making our life work.  When we understand how life moves through acceptance and allowance, we see it is the only sane way to live.  If it’s happening, there really is nothing else worth doing than accepting what’s going on. Knowing that it is a Loving Universe helps us to rest into allowing life. Together, Acceptance and Allowance open us to possibilities.

In “Discovering the Vastness of the Now,” the true powers of Acceptance and Allowance come into play. They take us to where everything’s happening.  All things happen in the now.  It’s where all the knowledge, wisdom and awareness that we will ever need resides.

I know this ~

The Universe will bring me all that I need
Or Motivation

So I can just Keep Making Choices for
Following My Dream
        Taking Good Care of Myself
            Connecting with Inspiring People

Don’t Give Up.            Stay.

I can refocus, change my position, turn another way, try something new or  continue on the same path.

I Know What I Choose
I Know What I Need
I Know How to Visualize, Plan and Take Action Steps

All I have to do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other
 Shift my weight
        Dance this way or that
            Sit and Meditate on it
                Dream it again, Write it over
That’s fine!

Just keep

Picking up my foot in the present moment

And putting it on the ground in the next.

Repeat – 1, 2, 1,2, 1,2

The Vastness of the Now (from the book that never was)

The Universe is what holds us all together, makes us one. The Universe is composed of everything, all of us. We are one with the Universe.  The Universe is so big, now must be our frame of reference.  Something we all share.

What’s already happened is past, what will happen is dependent on what is done now.  As Dan Fogelberg said, “We are fettered to the future, we are prisoners of the past.”  But all we really have is now.  Trying to live anywhere else is like straddling a wide stretch of water. You’ll either be jumping back and forth or spend your whole life immobile.

In order to fully accept and allow, you must be in the now to see what it is you’re accepting. Anything else is insanity. It’s all happening now. You cannot say you accept something if you don’t know what it is. And trying to pin down the past or the future is nothing more than futile. There is nothing else but the now.

All the power is stored right here in the present moment.  Anything you want to do starts right here, right now.  It would be nice if you could skip to the future and have what you wish. Or sit down and wait for it to come. But that’s not how the Universe works.  It’s all about energy. And the secret to using energy is to know that it all starts now.

All the answers you seek are here, now. You won’t find them scraping around in the past because that’s done.  You won’t find answers in the future, either, because you just can’t get there.  Most of us do not have the ability to see clearly into the future.

So, if we wish to live sanely, we must fully inhabit the now.

Using the Twin Constellations of Acceptance and Allowance (from the book that never was)

Acceptance is an agreement or a choice. The first step is to accept everything that goes on in the Universe.  You really don’t have any other choice. What’s happening is what’s happening.  You might just as well tell the Universe to back up and turn around.  Good luck with that.

Allowing is the second part.  To give permission. This is not saying it’s okay with you. It’s merely a willingness to open the door, allowing life to be what it is. Allowing is a much better use of energy than trying with all your might to keep the door shut.

Another analogy might be a flowing river. The first thing you need to do in order to use it to your benefit, is to agree that the river is flowing. As long as the river remains free, there is nothing you can do to change that.. Then, as you allow the current to take you with it, you use the energy of the river, rather than fight it.

When you apply this to your life, you are able to move more effectively and easily. Understanding these powerful twin forces is the beginning of your journey across the Universe.

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