Every day we can choose.  Each and every moment.  What are we going to see?  The dreary, rainy day or the smiling faces of friends and colleagues?  Do we focus on why we didn’t get what we wanted or do we direct our attention and thoughts to what we can do now?

It truly is an amazing thing that we get to choose how we see the glass. And it’s an extremely powerful choice! They only key we need to unlock its profound effect is Awareness.

The second you notice you are feeling bad, sad, cranky, unhappy, disturbed, distressed, you are in the door. From there you get to pick which direction you wish to go.  Just one moment of awareness can make  all the difference.

You can feel and taste the difference:  My glass is half full.  Or my glass is half empty.  

I choose the half full glass, please. So I can fill it to the brim. And then I can overflow with abundance.