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The world seems a little obsessed with “5 Hour Energy.” I’m a little concerned about the long term effects of this drink. I don’t know what’s in it and do not mean to endorse it. But I like the concept. Being in the zone is critical in sports and helpful in just about anything you take on.

That zone is really only about focus. Directed energy in the present moment. This attention keeps you looking in one direction. What could you accomplish if you were willing to give energy in the present moment to one thing? “I choose this.” That’s all focus is. You are in the zone when you say, this is all I’m doing.

Multi-tasking is okay now and again. When necessary, it’s helpful to be able to do it. But when you really want to get something done, be a success, do your best at something, the more focus you have, the better your chances for a good outcome.

No wonder everyone wants this drink.

There’s a lot of scattered energy these days. Multiple e-mails and conflicting demands are coming at us all the time and encourage that helter-skelter focus. On the contrary, anything that keeps our attention on a goal we can wrap ourselves around with energy and passion is far more productive. And it doesn’t have to come in a bottle!

Can’t we generate focus on our own? Without taking something? Think more about what you could do if you were willing. Choose one place you really want to put your energies. Make a commitment and focus your attention.

What human beings can do! Combing energies with others, we can give generously, do phenomenal things in sports, generate money, save the planet. Wow!

Reinventing yourself doesn’t have to be a huge project filled with bold moves.  It’s much easier if you let life, with its warp and woof, shape you. You are reinvented every day, every moment by the choices you make.

Let’s say you’re a baker and that’s just not cutting it anymore.  You feel a need to reinvent yourself into a candle stick maker.  If you’re not careful, and move your hands from dough to wax, you could get burned.

If you’re knocking on one door and it’s not opening, look around for another that might be ajar.  You could find an opportunity to write about baking or teach eager students.  A way you hadn’t even considered.

It starts with small building blocks.  Knowing the essence of what you want.  That is a nice, broad statement which allows multiple ways for the Universe to deliver it to you.  Rather than say, I want to be a candlestick maker, you could rephrase it to, I want a career that can make good money and feels fulfilling to me. That opens the door to a lot more possibilities!

Then, you make decisions in the present moment, based on the lay of the land, guided by your essence.  What is the next best thing you can do?  You could try looking for what feels good and exciting and could move you closer to your goal.

It’s all in how you look at it.  You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself, reviewing all your failures.  Or could you can start to poke around for some ideas. Small steps are not only allowed, they are encouraged. This brings it down to human size. You are the only one who can decide which ones you’re willing to take. You can feel shitty and be afraid of disasters in the future or you can feel groovy about what it could be.  When you put your money in the slot a gum ball may come out, or you could get a plastic container with a toy inside!  If you can view life as an unexpected adventure, you’re going to have a much easier time of it.

One thing I know for sure: when you put out energy of any kind, something comes back. And it’s rarely what you thought it would be.  But based on what shows up in the moment (what your energy has caused), guided by your essences, you decide what feels best to do next. That’s all there is to it!  One action at a time.  Things will fall into place without having to strive and work hard.  As you watch what’s happening around you, see what shows up from following those groovy feelings.  More of the same maybe?  You could be creating a trend . . .

One of my favorite career consultants is Charlene Holsendorff.  She gave me some simple, but profound advice recently.  She told me it is all about your attitude.

She is so right!  Your attitude changes everything.  It transforms a job hunt from  grueling drudgery to fun activities that can put me in a great place!  It can melt hopelessness and frustration into excited enthusiasm. Of which frame of mind or attitude do you think you can garner the best results?

Attitude is another one of the magic ingredients that do not require anyone’s permission but your own.  Some might call it the positive slant.  But it comes from making choices and practice (which is repetition of the choice).

Whether it’s job seeking or spending time with your kids or going out dancing, your attitude has a huge impact on your enjoyment of any activity.

I am of the mind, as well, that what you put out is what you’re likely to get back.  It’s just energy movement.  If I send out positive waves, that energy is more likely to find  like energy to connect with.  It makes sense to me that the happy energy will attach itself to and bring in more happy things.

Even if this theory about like energies coming together is in error, you are still going to ease the process a whole lot more if you program your own attitude.

I find music programming works really well for me.  Attitude adjustments can also come from a change in perspective.  I might need to get up and look at things from a different point of view.  I could also listen to others to discover how they see it.  The combination of the two (yours and mine) could produce a wonderful new attitude!

Attitude can often be shifted by a decision if the proposed action is being backed by Love or Fear.  Ask: “Am I seeing this through the eyes of love or fear?”  A momentary scan of the body can reveal which is which.  Are you tense or relaxed? A change of physical location can also alter your attitude. Especially to nature.  Allow it to refuel you.

Decide where you want your attitude to be.  Do something to help it.  Keep at it and it will reward you with a lighter load, and may we say at least that you’re likely to have more in your life that makes you feel good.

I’ve been getting back into Networking with earnest these days.  I am as they say, a reluctant networker, preferring the silence of my own thoughts or the ease of a one-on-one with an interesting person.

But it reminds me of the laws of the Loving Universe about energy.  That we are all made of the same stuff, we’re all connected.  So whatever energy I put out there effects more than just what’s in front of me.  Especially in this cyber age. Knowing one person puts me in touch with a whole lot of other people!

You might do something for someone over here and get back something from your left and several paces behind you.  You just never now how it will bounce around. It is energy after all.  It moves things.  But you can’t always track where that movement is going to come back to you. I believe deeply and have seen it happen time and time again – If I give something to you, I might not get what I had hoped to from you, but I will get it from somewhere else.  It’s just the way energy moves.

They stress in networking to be thinking about what you can do for others. But also to be able to ask for what you want. Advice, Information Resources, I learned recently. AIR.  I like that.  Simple.  You can do it the other way and say what AIR can I offer you?  Both of these are good spiritual principles.  Go at it with the idea of doing for others, but don’t forget yourself. Be able to clearly ask for what you want.  Give what you can for others.

Sometimes I give more than I get.  Sometimes I get more than I give.  I might not always have what you need – but I give you the chance to move energy toward me.  And it all comes back around.  We both get something from it.

Another nice thing about this flow is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort.  It multiplies.  Isn’t there something in the Bible about this? Whatever you give will be returned to you ten fold? One good deed can produce a lot more in returns.  Especially if one is open to it.  Whether sending or receiving.  It’s how the world works. Just not necessarily in a linear fashion, as we expect to see it.

I just love the flow of the Loving Universe!  You pay attention.  See what is really going on, looking for ways you can help.  Ask for and offer help.  Allow help to come to you.  Embrace it, flow help back.  Pay attention again, accepting, allowing, embracing, flowing.

As Tamilee Webb says in her exercise video, “Don’t let that energy drop!”

I’m trying the tactic I used last November for NaNoWriMo.  I believe it works on the principle of Momentum Energy.

I’ve had a book I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time, called “Love Letters From Your Soul.”  It’s had a difficult journey, with hiccups and re-directions along the way.  I made a commitment that I was going to get it ready to go by April. So, the plan was to give it some time every day in March.  Even if that was no more than making plans or rereading notes.  I’ve kept it in mind for 20 days now.

Now, as I cruise into the last two weeks of the months, I find I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.  As I like to say, a small amount of effort, applied regularly, produces results.  And so it has.  What I have is momentum.  The project is alive with ideas, plans and small steps left to do. I’m really ready to push it through!

I believe, as busy, active people, we often long to languish and do nothing.  Or to take things slowly when we can.  It can be easy to sink into apathy or lose interest in something that takes too long.

Momentum is a beautiful thing whether you generate it consciously or find yourself in it.  It is helpful to use it when it’s there.  Respect it and let it carry you.  It can be powerful juju!

I understand the concept. It’s about energy and vibration.  If I’m vibrating with love now, I will attract similar vibrations.  If I’m picking at things I don’t care for in my current situation, I’m likely to keep finding things wrong in the next situation.  If I don’t harmonize or vibrate the way I want to feel, I’ll never make it to “there.”  I need to accept the now with the same feeling I would accept what I want.

But, I’ve been wrestling with this for days. I get caught up in thinking that if I love that which I do not choose, it will become my Then. Doesn’t that kinda figure? It feels wrong (or odd) to say I love this the way it is, if I don’t. I’m frankly nervous about giving my thumbs up, if you will, to things I really choose to change. There is no use telling me that things change because sometimes it feels like they don’t. It sure looks like I’m stuck in the same stuff I’ve been trying to change.

Okay, I know that life is always changing  – even if it’s not the way I imagine. I guess what this concept teaches is that it’s about feeling good no matter what and then things will change to meet the new vibration. But how does that work, anyway? Do those good feelings and vibrations transform my life into what I want?  How does life know how to change?  From my Want?  Vision?  The Intention?  The good vibes?  What’s to keep life from staying the same since I seem to be so happy with the way things are now?

Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to wedge good feeling into things that don’t naturally generate them.  I know what feels good and this is not it!  Maybe I’m straddling the two.  Thinking I can somehow lasso the life I have to the life I want. If I pull hard enough they will come together. They have to become one, eventually, don’t they?

Do I need to look at what I Do Not Choose more carefully so I can figure out how to change it?  But that leads me to ask,: Why isn’t this change working?  What am I doing wrong?   No, thank you.  That feels like a closed valve, keeping good things from coming my way.

The Positive Slant says, why not?  Doesn’t it feel better to love my now AND my then?   The Secret, of course, is to love what you have.

Could I live without an intention or a goal, though?  Seems hard to me.  As Paulette Terrels has said, What if your Purpose is Peace?  Or Love?  Or even Joy?  Rather that this or that _____.

The things I love in my current life don’t have to have anything to do with what I may not “prefer at the moment.”  I can base my Joy on Whatever Happens or on things that are connected to the situation only by their flavor – like joy or peace.

A practice might be to find those things that feel good which are not directly connected to the life situation or the thing I do not choose. Not entangling myself in what I do and do not want. Like finding some middle ground between the two.  A bridge which could connect them.  What are some things I Love about now? Being able to help others. Taking a walk on a beautiful fall day. Thoughts about my future.  A drink of cool fresh water. Having time to express my art.  Being with people I love. Taking good care of myself. Doing something special for me or my loved ones.

The trick, according to”Conversations with God,” is . . . To choose something while not condemning, but loving too, that which you do not choose. For one thing, this thing I do not choose is what brought me here – closer to that which I Do Want.

The key then is to love whatever is happening, holding my intention lightly.  After all, loving life every moment does not lock an otherwise not wanted situation in place.  The more I can love whatever is in front of me, the more of that same feeling I’ll get.

In the end, it must be about getting past Do and Do Not Want – into Acceptance of whatever is there. It’s all a Joy, all a ride.

The second class in the Smart module of the book that never was is “Emotion Chemistry.”  This class will take the reader into the lab to observe emotions at play.

Section one is Exploring the Table of Emotions

As there is a Table of the Elements of Life, there can also be a Table of Emotions.  Your emotions direct your actions.  Anyone who has ever lost his or her temper knows this is true.

Knowing which emotion you are processing gives you a lot information about where you are in the present moment.  How you are reacting to what’s going on. The awareness also keeps you focused in the now.

This might seem a bit ambiguous, to decide if the emotion makes you feel “good” or “bad.”  What about those pesky “neutral” feelings in the middle?

To try to get a grasp on the wiggling nature of emotions, it helps to separate them.  We can see them falling into different families, such as physical feelings, like pain or heat or mental feelings such as love or frustration. Another family might be positive or negative feelings, Another might be those inspiring to create, or making you stop in your tracks.

The easiest way to slice them is to ask, is this emotion backed by love or fear?  This simple distinction can give you a tidy frame of reference.  You can usually tell if you feel comfortable in it or not. Broadly speaking, anything that doesn’t make you feel jazzed up, full of energy, ready to go, overflowing, could be considered on the fear side.

In “Conversations with God, Book 3,” God names the five natural emotions: Love, Fear, Grief, Anger, and Envy.  He explains it like this: “The five natural emotions include love and fear, yet love and fear are the basis for all emotions.  The other three of the five natural emotions are outgrowths of these two.”   And, He adds, in the end, it’s all love anyway. . .

It’s a fine thing to master the art of quickly naming your emotions.  Naming something gives you more control over it, helps you to understand it and express it more naturally.  Once you’ve sensed that you’re getting angry, you have time to decide how you want to use it.  In this way you can use your feelings in a natural way. You can see the anger telling you this is something you do not choose.  And within that, find the love.  Grief teaches you about letting go, Envy helps you to reach for more.

So, being able to identify which emotion you’re feeling helps you to feel it, process it and use the knowledge. With that, you can make a new decision how to proceed.

When you begin to make choices for what items stay and which go in your home,

your vision becomes clearer and

you will start to see which actions support you and which drain.

This leads to picking more consciously what you will and will not let into your life.

Eventually you will see your life filled with things that support you,
rather than zap your energy.

This would then spill over into honoring yourself more

by making healthier, more supportive choices for You

for Others

and for the Universe


When you’ve seen that it’s a loving Universe, it’s easy to fall back on, “The Universe will provide.”

I believe this Universe is made up of energy.  If you’re not consciously directing that energy, it will simply decide you don’t want it moved and leave things, pretty much as they are.

A wise woman I once knew, perhaps quoting form the Unity Church of which she belonged, talked about putting sneakers on your prayers.

Our future is made in the present. If your present consists of sitting and waiting for the Universe, you are likely to continue sitting around and waiting.  The energy is there to be moved and guided.

When you say things like, “I don’t want to be poor,” the Universe hears that you “want to be poor.” But when you get off the pity pot and say, “I want money,” and start doing something about it, you’ve got a far better chance of changing your situation.  You begin to move the energy in the direction of getting money, instead of letting it slack around your poor self.

The Active Verb, Movement, even baby steps, powered by a positive intention is how things get done in this Universe.  Positive affirmations are good and they can keep you going.  But waiting for the Universe to provide food for your belly, isn’t going to fill it.

I heard a couple of sports commentators discussing a basketball player.  He had no special talent for anything, they agreed.  He wasn’t what you’d call “good” at the basics, but he had a lot of energy and hustle. They praised him for how hard he worked.  His numbers from the night before backed that up.

On the one hand, that affirms a negative thought that if you’re not good enough, you have to work harder than everyone else.

Then again, it says Intention matters.  It’s more about passion than talent.  You don’t have to be good enough to do well.  Excellence is more a matter of drive.

What makes a “good” basketball player, anyway?  Certainly, there are many things that go into that – ball handling, ability to shoot and make baskets, height . . . But every really good player has loads of energy and is willing to do what it takes to get the ball.  There is always hustle and passion inside a good player.

So it’s not so much about talent, though that can help.  But if you have enough love for what you’re doing, and a strong tributary flowing through you of willingness to put everything out there, you can be a very good basketball player . . . or anything else!

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