I am wondering if being sleepy is all in my head and something I can change.

I feel tired.  My eyelids want to shield my eyes from too much input.  My chin starts to fall as if it had a small weight suspended from it. My muscles relax, becoming one with the chair. My hand or foot may even start to feel a little numb. A bit of blues has me swaying.  I have visions of placing my head on a soft pillow and shutting off.

But I can’t!  I’m at work, I must participate!   That pillow is miles and hours away.

I begin to calculate: Have I gotten enough sleep?  Well, depends on how you count it.  A little short of eight, but many of those minutes were restless. Maybe all tallied, I didn’t get enough. As I continue to buy into this lack of sleep and need for rest, I become even more exhausted.

What if it’s in my head? What if my problem is not that I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep?  Maybe it’s more about the quality of my thoughts, rather than the quantity of my sleep.

What if, instead, I got up and did something?  Or just got my mind engaged in something other than how many units of sleep I got and how much I want more? 

Perk up those thoughts!  I’m sure there’s something more active or exciting I can put my mind to.  Get up and stretch, take a walk to the bathroom or to get a file.  Anything.  It’s simple really: instead of thinking about how tired I am, how I feel, put my attention elsewhere.  Anywhere else will work.

Am I only dreaming?  (Check out the song this line comes from.) Walking around in a haze, thinking I’m so tired.  I’m awake, I’m writing this script, I can change it.  Shift the scene of my dream and tell myself how much energy I have and get busy and do something!