I wanted to talk today about the concept of Balance. It can be a little misleading since Balance, in terms of health, is not necessarily about equality. Most of us are not able to maintain an equal amount of work and rest. But we can add a little more rest to balance out an excessive amount of work. Sometimes it only takes a slight adjustment this way or that to return to homeostasis.

Homeostasis, which most health professionals will tell you is crucial to good health, “is the ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.” Equilibrium is not necessarily 5 of this and 5 of that. Another definition says, “The tendency of an organism or a cell to regulate its internal conditions, usually by a system of feedback controls, so as to stabilize health and functioning, regardless of the outside changing conditions”

All this boils down to is adjusting your schedule to keep yourself feeling good.

It starts by watching, being in the now and paying attention to how you feel. Are you tired? Do you feel something’s missing? It probably is. I’ve long been a believer that the body is a pretty amazing instrument that will let you know its needs. If you’re running yourself ragged, it just doesn’t pay to keep pushing. No excuses that you can’t! You can take a few moments to breathe deeply a few times and allow yourself to calm down and be aware. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Listen to your body. If you can’t take more than a few moments at that time, try later. Maybe even in the bathroom. You do take time to go to the bathroom, don’t you? You may discover that you need food (fuel), more rest or more play.

Rest and play are two very different things. Rest is being quiet, maybe even doing nothing. Play can be very active! But we need both to be healthy and have the energy we need to keep going.

So, listen to your body and try to give it what it’s asking for. Even if that means you have to slow down for a moment.