Sneakers (US, 1992)

One of my favorite movies. Though not a lot of people have seen it. It’s a well-crafted story, employing lots of high tech gadgets and a great collection of characters. Robert Redford, narrowly escaping incarceration in college for hacking into computers and moving money from big corporations to good causes, goes underground and ends up forming a company with Sydney Poitier, an ex-cop. They break into other companies and then report on the security. Their company is filled with fascinating and talented people. All hell breaks lose when they steal a decoder.


Procedural dramas like Treasury Men in Action (1950), Railroaded (1947), He Walked by Night (1948), Postal Inspector (1936)

Jack Webb was in He Walked by Night. It served as a basis for Dragnet. Many of them have the familiar deep-voiced narrator. There’s something about these true crime dramas that appeal to me. Usually truth is boring or unbelievable in stories. Maybe they use the fiction brush enough to fill in the logic gaps and add a little more drama where needed. Makes for a taut mystery. I like the way they build their cases methodically, following every lead.


Zatoichi is a legendary Japanese hero, a bit like Sherlock Holmes or James Bond. But, he’s not clever, handsome or slick. He’s blind and wanders around the country with a cane, looking like he needs help. But, my goodness, mess with him or some innocent and watch out! He can kick some butt. I love this weak character that is so very aware of what’s going on and able to protect himself and others so well. Talk about being in the present moment! There are lots of movies and TV shows about him. IMDB has 25 through the 60’s and 70’s. Takeshi Kitano did a movie version in 2003 that is really fun to watch and listen to. You’ll find lots of times where the action is in rhythm.