This is one that faces many people on the path: What are the obstacles that indicate a change of direction and what are challenges to be met?

Being able to read your feelings can tell you a lot about this.  But is it always true that if you feel tired or resistant it is definitely a change of direction?  I don’t know if it is.  It requires further questioning.  Is this really something I want to do?  Can this lead me where I choose to go?  Is this a challenge that I am capable of and choose to meet?  Or is it an obstacle that will require more energy for less (or questionable ) pay off?  What might that pay off be?

“Creating Money” says to test your intuition.  Listen for what your feelings are telling you and investigate each path.  See how you feel when you think of a change of direction or meeting the challenge.  What goodies, as Susan Jeffers asks, can you find down each path?

Maybe this is part of it too – what about people who rub you the wrong way upon meeting?  You have no prior judgements, just an uncomfortable feeling.  I tend to meet people with an open heart, eager to know why we have been brought together.  But sometimes, something sets me off, seemingly out of nowhere.  Like my bristles are being brushed in the wrong direction.  So, what does that mean?  Is this person not good for me, isn’t worth my time to allow to get closer?  Or is it just from an attitude the person (or I) might be carrying at the moment?  Maybe this person could be my Zen Master, have a very positive impact on my life.  Am I going to chase them away because I’m not comfortable around them?  Perhaps the fact that they bother me is the reason we have met.  What if I’m shutting off an amazing relationship because of a initial reaction?

Maybe it is my intuition telling me to stay away.  Not pursue this friendship.  That there are better ways to spend my time.  This person may end up bringing me down.

Perhaps the answer lies in opening to the possibilities of either path.  If I turn and go in a new direction, who knows what I will find?  On the other hand, if I stay and overcome the obstacle (or the initial irritation) maybe there are great vistas on the other side.

Ultimately, our intended direction can still be reached if we remain open to the experience.  Look to your feelings.  What feels good, exciting, doable, loving ~ and see where that takes you.