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I call them elementals because they are elemental to us all.  Everyone has these things built-in.

 1.  Using the power of Dreams and Visions to create your intent.
Dreams and visions provide the most powerful information.  Those things you dream of or see in happy visions are the things you most want, that you have the most passion for.  This allows you to start off from the best possible place.

 2.  Using Clarity and Guidance to decide on your actions.
You use clarity to listen for Guidance. Clarity comes in between the breaths, in the silence, opening the portals for Guidance. Clarity can come into play after the Guidance, as well.  It gives your steps surety and the clear eye to see what lies ahead.

 3.  Using Discipline and Choice to fuel those actions.
Actions need choice.  You won’t do anything without choice. Discipline helps you to continue to make the choices.  Discipline keeps you coming back to what you’ve chosen.

 4.  Using Openness and Acceptance to allow what comes.
Life doesn’t always move in a straight line. You have to be open to what comes to you.  You many not yet see how it applies to your Intent.  Accept what you get.

 5.  Using Gratitude and Flexibility to listen for your next move.
Having gratitude for what you created expands and shapes it. It also put you in mind to be flexible if the Guidance should take you in a new direction.

If you use these elementals you will find life happens easily, almost effortlessly.

I am often in awe of people like the Spinal Tap gang – Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest. How wonderful their lives must be!

They have the money and clout to manifest their creative visions.

It’s their work, so they have plenty of time, resources and tax deductions to do it.

It’s their passion, what they love to do.  So they do it happily, joyfully giving their best attention and care to every bit of it.  Producing something really good.

No doubt, it helps them to feel creatively satisfied.  How brilliant it must be seeing your dreams manifested!  What that must do to refuel your juices.

They are able to share their visions and passions with others. They touch and uplift lots of lives with their talents.

And they get paid really well for it!

So they can turn around and do it again.

Or, take a luxurious vacation to dream up the next project

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