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Last week I wrote about One (see below). Today is Two.

I contend that enlightenment comes out of the small things in life. Listening to my beloved Pandora, I came across a song I’ve never heard before. It’s by a group called The Deele and the song is “Two Occasions.

The lyric says, “I only think of you on two occasions. That’s day and night.” What a wonderful way to practice! Out of a song comes a beautiful sentiment.

I only think about God on two occasions, that’s day and night.

I only pay attention in the present moment on two occasions, that’s day and night.

Recently I’ve begun listing the things I have to be grateful for when I get up and before I go to sleep. That’s doubled my gratefulness! If you can do it day and night, you are doing it. Pat yourself on the back. Good job.

I believe it was the great Maria Nemeth, author of The Energy of Money, who said that if you can do it right 75% of the time, you are doing well. If you give your best 37.5% of the time in the day and 37.5% at night, that certainly adds up.

If there’s anything you want to do, try practicing day and night and you will make excellent progress. Two times the fun!

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