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Cheryl Richardson has a spot on her website where you can get a “Touch of Grace.” You think about an issue, click on a twinkling star and get one of her cards with a word and a thought to ponder.  Today I got Chance.

What does that mean?  Taking a chance means allowing yourself to take steps that make you feel scared and excited at the same time.  Something you’d really like to do but feel unsure about.

Taking a chance can be fun. Remember the Take a Chance from Monopoly?  You just never know what you’re going to get for taking the leap. There needs to be a certain amount of mystery to it. After all, if you knew how it would turn out for sure, it wouldn’t really be a chance, would it?

Taking chances, it’s true can leave you vulnerable.  But that’s part of the game. If you look at it from a different direction, it’s being open to the opportunities.

When you take a chance, you are filled with expectations, not stuck with one.  You are open and willing.  Anything can happen!

Taking a chance means moving ahead despite reluctance or fear.  You may question or doubt, but that’s the time to toss it all aside and do it anyway. As Susan Jeffers teaches, “Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.” And what a powerful teaching that is!

Taking a chance means moving out of your comfort zone, opening the door, stepping out.  It’s a good practice to take a chance every day. Even a small one.

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