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“There are two ways to complete a task: 1. Do more.  2. Let go.” – Alan Cohen

This makes a lot of sense.  It may be that you have to get busy, get off your duff and do more to forge toward completion.  Sometimes you can’t see that the end is just around the next bend.  There may well be times when you’ve just not done what was needed. Perseverance is key to completing anything you undertake.

But there are other times when you’ve done all you can do and it’s just not coming to an end.  It’s important to know when it’s time to give up.  At this point, if you want completion, in order to keep the books clear, you must let go.  It may be time to decide that you’re not going to finish it.  Have done with it, move it aside and get to the next thing.

However, letting go does not always mean giving up.  It may mean letting go of your heavy hand in the mix. Letting go of the need to complete the task.  Or letting go of your need to be the one to finish it.  Sometimes you  have to trust and allow the Universe (or someone else) to see it through. The world may be asking you to release and let the flow of life take it from there.

Been thinking about Allowing lately.  It seems to be the most basic of the building blocks of an awakened and positively slanted life.  Allowing requires that you pay attention in the present moment, to know what it is you’re allowing.  There is no better or more powerful practice than being aware of the now.

But let’s take it a step further with Allowing.  When you allow, you welcome whoever (or whatever) is at the door.  You embrace your Guest as a friend, a comrade.  You accept whatever gift they have brought.  And you invite them to sit down so you can get to know each other more deeply, break bread and share thoughts and love.

I was wondering what would happen if you were to reverse that.  What if it was you at the door and The Universe, The Divine, Your Higher Self, was opening the door to you?  Welcoming you, embracing you with love.  Accepting the gifts you bring graciously and appreciatively.  And then, inviting you to the table to share what you have brought.

To me, turning it around, makes it more of a pulling than a pushing.  The working hard at things doesn’t work.  You wouldn’t want your guests to think it was difficult for you to have them over.  Neither does the Universe want you, as Guest, to work too hard at it.  Come in, relax.  I will take care of everything.  Like a Good Host.

For this Friday night, we’re all invited to the Divine’s House Party.  You need bring nothing but your willingness to attend.  Tonight, on the occasion of his birthday, we drink a toast to Dan Fogelberg and all the light he brought to this world in the short time he was with us.

I’ve been doing some further thinking on the Alan Cohen quote, “The Universe is specializing in you.”  I believe I’ve seen some new refractions from it.

The great, big, gigantic Universe of which we speak, is made of up of energy – the protons, neutrons and electrons buzzing about at various speeds.  Everything around us is made of this energy.

The part of that energy that is me, that is Alexandra Meredith “Amy” Scott Coulter is the individuation of that Universal Energy.  It makes me better at being me than anyone else on the planet.  The slice of the Universe’s energy that created the image of me has nothing else to do in this life.  This is Its Main Purpose, Its specialization.

I am a part of the Great Energy Field generated by the Universe. Right here in me, in you, in everyone, the Universe has customized a piece of Itself, made Itself especially for us.  Its only job is to support us.  Clearly specializing in each and every one of us.

Just a quick review ~

Om Shanti Om (India, 2007)

Not one of the best of the Bollywood genre, but a good one. Bollywood movies are colorful and bursting with song and dance. The second half of this movie was better than the first, but one of the traits of a Bollywood movie is that it is often long – close to three hours – but it never feels that way.

Om Shanti Om has a theme running through it that really intrigued me. They say that if you really want something, with your whole heart, the Universe will conspire to make it happen. And conspire It does! Using every avenue at Its call. I love that idea and like to think it’s true.

The other piece that engaged me was that having the right nurturing soil surely does help you realize your dreams. Our hero, in the right situation, is able to achieve all he wished for.

Along the way there is, of course, lavish sets, a huge cast, and lots of romance and flash.

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