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In SARK’s Toy Chest, there are many shining, brightly colored toys.  Today I’d like to talk about “Invite Someone Dangerous to Tea – Who have you wanted to meet, but haven’t yet?”

One thing I love about SARK’s toys is that they are expandable and customizable.  They are easy to infuse with your own magic.

You can use this simple tool with people you’d like to meet, but also potential bosses or dates.  Perhaps a troublesome mother-in-law, a much-missed, passed-on relative, an ideal candidate.  Since it’s in your head (or on paper) it can be anyone you please.  You can add other facets to it, if you like, by setting it in some exotic location, or having it last into cocktail time, as I did.

My first experience with “Invite Someone Dangerous to Tea” was in “SARK’s Journal and Play! Book.”  I pull this delightful book out whenever I feel a need for colorful expression. (Bet I can’t go through one post about SARK and not use the word “delightful” at least once.)

One day I decided to have Johnny Depp to tea ~  I’m going to serve a good Earl Grey.  (With some Amaretto aside for a kick, if he chooses.)  I’ll set out some fresh fruit and biscotti.  Maybe a selection of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  There must be music playing.  The Beatles, I think, or George Harrison’s, “All Things Must Pass.”  We shall sit inside, in high backed, comfortable chairs, with lovely views and perhaps breezes now and then.

He is warm and gracious at our meeting.  I start by asking after his children, to put him at ease. That I have not invited him here for anything nefarious. We can talk of the beautiful mother of his children and his wonderful life.  I compliment him on his amazing career and body of work.

I want to know about his music. (He is a musician, though little is said of it.)  What does he like?  Would he play a little guitar for me?   And sing?   The discussion will easily spill into writing.  (He once said he’d like to be a writer.)  We will find some unusual things we have in common.  Like our birthdays.

Time passes quickly and I’m glad I have a bottle of my favorite Bohemian Highway, Cabernet Sauvignon nearby.  We graduate to glasses of wine and pretzels to nibble.  The talk gets more intense, sparkled by more laughter.

All too soon he sighs and says he’s had a great time, but he has to go.  He asks me for a piece of paper, so he can leave his e-mail address. He wants to stay in touch.  He wants to read my book.  He thanks me several times, kisses my forehead and then disappears into the ever-encroaching night

Wow!  I loved that.  He doesn’t feel so dangerous, anymore.

Play with this toy at your pleasure.  It can bring endless hours of fun and growth!

As the cold temperatures keep me indoors still, I become aware of the effects of the light deprivation of winter. Light, like sound, has a frequency that can impact our health.

I am fascinated by Light and Sound Therapy. It seems to make so much sense to me. As a life-long devotee of music, I’m well aware of its power over my moods. Having attended my share of rock concerts, I have felt its physical impact, on more than just my ear drums. I consider myself a rational, perhaps restrained individual. But I could see myself, at a Beatles concert being reduced to shrieking or tears. My work time (especially when writing) feels different when music is playing in the background. Many people find they can concentrate more and feel more at ease with music playing.

Both sound and light are forms of energy medicine. With electrons constantly moving around, all of life is made of energies. There is a thing called a “Cosmic Octave” which may show the vibrational level of molecules. Light is said to emit a frequency 40 octaves above normal sound! Rhythms and frequencies can reach parts of our subconscious that others cannot. The Chakra system in our body is also coordinated with colors. Light has been used to help with depression. Especially like my winter woes. Each color of the spectrum has its own qualities for healing when light is used through it. Complimentary sounds have been linked to those colors. It’s an intriguing modality with potentially wide-reaching benefits.

A couple of web sites I found with more information:,, and


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