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I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  And I believe there is much to be learned about spiritual growth in its pages.

In “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” Harry scores high marks in Potions class one day, with the help of the Half Blood Prince’s text book. His reward is a golden potion called “Felix Felicis.”  It’s a neat little elixir often referred to as “liquid luck.”  It takes six months to brew, is tricky to make right and is banned from using for competition or testing. It comes with a warning that too much can cause giddiness and reckless behavior.

Felix Felicis fills the taker with confidence.  When Harry takes a few drops to help him retrieve a memory from Horace Slughorn, he feels confident in the urges he feels from “Felix.”  Coincidences happen and synchronicity opens his path.  He seems to just know what to do. He listens to what the potion tells him to do and everything goes his way.  The confidence allows him to use his own talents with more expertise than he would without.

Readers of this Blog have heard me talk about the Spells of Doing.  I feel we all come equipped with certain magical spells, always at our disposal.  Confidence is certainly one of them.  It can be conjured up no matter what is going on outside.  Confidence is built-in and only needs your choice to use.  Anyone with a brain that functions normally is capable of trusting, using imagination, generating forgiveness.  These magic spells are within us all. If we try, it is not impossible to listen to what we’re telling ourselves.

So maybe we could make your own Felix Felicis. If so you would always know you could handle anything.  With that confidence flowing, you might trust more easily, listen more carefully and allow yourself to be led to just the right things, people, events, coincidences. If you are generating your own potion, maybe you could control it, as well.

Perhaps it is possible, with practice, to mix our own golden elixir of Felix Felicis.  Creating our own ethereal luck!

I keep going on about this Alignment thing.  I have thought about it, written about it, talked about it and observed it.  So I have an updated report:

I believe there is an immediate link when you think and feel and act in alignment.  When your thoughts create good feelings, and then act in accordance with your beliefs and values – based on your feelings.

As I’ve said before, very often our thoughts – created from the flotsam and fauna we have banged into over the years – direct us to do things that make us feel uncomfortable, unsure or less.  Thoughts, left unchecked, can frequently be incorrect and harmful. Sometimes our feelings tell us one thing and our thoughts another.  The thoughts may override the feelings and cause us to do things we know, somewhere, we shouldn’t.

We don’t always trust or honor our feelings, either.  The still small voice that whispers to us can often be ignored.  Those loud, boisterous thoughts that tell us we should sure feel Right.

But, I think, when your thoughts are working with your feelings.  When you honor what you feel, deep down inside as Right (despite evidence to the contrary), you can literally create a funnel through which synchronicity can work through you.

You know how it is.  You wrestle with yourself over rescheduling a date with someone.  At the last minute, you give up and call to see if you can change the plans.  Your friend lets out a sigh.  “I was just going to call and ask you the same thing.”  This is synchronicity at work.

The moral of the story is that you need to honor your feelings, first.  Investigate them to see if they are based on false evidence appearing real or if they really are true.  Are they based on thoughts you want to have? With your thoughts in line behind true feelings, you can then take the action you need to take.  This way you will be in alignment and have integrity.  It may not always come out the way you wanted, but with integrity you have the strength to bend and not break. When you are living in alignment with your integrity, there is really no better place to be.

Today I want to write about what can happen when your thoughts line up to produce the feelings you want.  Not only will that move you to act in certain ways (pre-paved by your choice of thoughts) but, I believe, it also sets up the vortex which the Hicks speak about in putting the Law of Attraction into action.

It is the feelings part which really attracts. Like attracts like. It is the person who feels friendly, who tells himself it is a friendly world, who, in fact, experiences the world as friendly. What I’m pondering today is if this creates synchronicity.  Maybe it, at least, opens the way for it.

What I know about synchronicity is that acknowledging it makes it happen more often, keeps it coming.  But I wonder: if your thoughts are telling you to look for it (or if you chant “So Hum” to conjure it) and your feeling is one of expectation that things will work synchronistically, will that create a funnel for it to work through you?

It all comes back to the Thought – Feeling – Action connection. I like to say that it’s difficult to control your emotions (especially once they’ve caught fire).  But your thoughts are much easier to get a handle on.  Even if it’s a long term process of changing them, that shift will make your life work more easily.

Whether or not it will create a synchronistic flow, getting your thoughts and feelings lined up the way you want them is a very empowering thing to do.

According to Merriam Webster, “The coincidental occurrence of events.” When things fall into place like clock-work. Without raising a bead of sweat or even using the mind to conjure a plan. That’s Synchronicity.

It is my contention that all you need to do to make this happen more often in your life is to acknowledge when it does.

Perhaps all it does is make you more aware of it. Like when I was a kid, when we’d get a new car, all of a sudden we started seeing the same car everywhere. Was it that we bought one which caused others to buy it, too? Or was it because we were just noticing that make and model now?

Doesn’t really matter which. Sharpening your awareness is ALWAYS good. I like the feeling of magic myself. It makes it more fun to spot.

I’m of the mind that you can also help generate synchronicity by setting an intention, or calling it. A mantra of “So Hum” is used to call synchronicity. Best to chant it out loud to engage the vocal harmony. I say it as often as I can: In the car, off to run errands, before I leave for an adventure out, waiting for someone, or even in traffic jams.

Some might feel this is about inaction, but it certainly isn’t. It’s not about waiting. It’s about setting an intention that things go smoothly and expecting that things will happen easily. You still have to take the action.

I can’t say that I have practiced this long enough to guarantee success. I tend to get distracted when the world calls, absorbing my attention, but that’s my issue. I can say that it’s a fun game and produces positive results. Try it. All you have to do is simply notice when things go your way and say thanks. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself moving through life a little easier

All around. All the time.

Including the blisters on my feet. I can see it as a gift that they’re spread between the ball of one foot and the heel of another. What if both heels were affected? I have a balance of sorts. The gifts are everywhere if you look. In the relief of the pain. Or in the grace of a beautiful moment: when the sunshine is on the trees, sparkling through my hair, or on my skin. These moments fill my body with warmth.

That seems to me good medicine for health and well being. If you have a regular practice of feeling gifted and grateful, acknowledging the presence of a loved one, a fresh refresh of cool water, or some good laughs. Making note of the moment of achievement or conception. Reveling in the excitement pumping along the way – being in the midst of something wonderful. The satisfaction of a good meal, a job well done, a milestone reached. Dwelling in the feeling of being well-loved and appreciated by a Loving Universe, here to support you, in so many ways, has got to affect the cells in your body.

It can also makes things happen. Feel what you want to feel first by noticing all the good you can, then set your intention for more of the same and watch for the Gift of Synchronicity. When you get where you’re going at just the right time and there is a parking spot, the rain stops and you slide in. Feeling confident and in sync. The right people coming together for exactly what you need at the perfect time. Blessings. Comings together. When it all just falls into place. The way to make synchronicity happen, I’ve come to believe, is in the acknowledgment of it. Call it forth by expecting it and then simply notice it happening. You will start to see it happening more and more.

Seeing the gifts all around you – including the magic of synchronicity – you can watch the blessings grow!

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