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Seems an odd way to go about things. But check this out:

What if you asked yourself questions for the day?  How many people can I serve today?  Whether that’s by taking action for someone or just smiling, holding the door or nodding.

You might ask yourself – how am I feeling today?  What could I do to feel better/even better?  It’s always a good idea to ask that question several times throughout the day.  How am I doing now?  It makes you pause and return to the present moment.  You must pay attention in the now to know how you’re feeling.

Perhaps you’re working on a project, a dream or a goal.  You might ask:  What can I do today (or now) to move this ahead?

Questions can come in handy when you’re learning something. Ask for clarity or voice a supposition.  You’ll be surprised how much you can expand from doing that.

Sometimes asking questions of others can be a little scary.  I know I often shy away. So it’s a good way to practice being more assertive.  If you’ve got a burning question, ask it.  You know, they say, there are no stupid questions.  I’m of the belief that it’s far more stupid not to ask questions. Questioning means you’re thinking. You can’t know everything.

Paulette Terrels, in her “Whispering” today asked, “What are your plans for today? Who will you share your generous heart with?  Can you find the sacred in the simple things?” Good questions. She tells us that “life is lived within our questions.” Those questions can shape how our day will go. Paulette further challenges us to be open to receive the answers we get.

Ahh, now that’s an important piece.  What are the answers?  Where are they?  Could we find them in the present moment, in flashes of Grace, in the chance hearing of a lyric that grabs you, in the kind words of a friend?

 I plan to design my days around some conscious questions.  How about you?

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