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I’ve been getting back into Networking with earnest these days.  I am as they say, a reluctant networker, preferring the silence of my own thoughts or the ease of a one-on-one with an interesting person.

But it reminds me of the laws of the Loving Universe about energy.  That we are all made of the same stuff, we’re all connected.  So whatever energy I put out there effects more than just what’s in front of me.  Especially in this cyber age. Knowing one person puts me in touch with a whole lot of other people!

You might do something for someone over here and get back something from your left and several paces behind you.  You just never now how it will bounce around. It is energy after all.  It moves things.  But you can’t always track where that movement is going to come back to you. I believe deeply and have seen it happen time and time again – If I give something to you, I might not get what I had hoped to from you, but I will get it from somewhere else.  It’s just the way energy moves.

They stress in networking to be thinking about what you can do for others. But also to be able to ask for what you want. Advice, Information Resources, I learned recently. AIR.  I like that.  Simple.  You can do it the other way and say what AIR can I offer you?  Both of these are good spiritual principles.  Go at it with the idea of doing for others, but don’t forget yourself. Be able to clearly ask for what you want.  Give what you can for others.

Sometimes I give more than I get.  Sometimes I get more than I give.  I might not always have what you need – but I give you the chance to move energy toward me.  And it all comes back around.  We both get something from it.

Another nice thing about this flow is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort.  It multiplies.  Isn’t there something in the Bible about this? Whatever you give will be returned to you ten fold? One good deed can produce a lot more in returns.  Especially if one is open to it.  Whether sending or receiving.  It’s how the world works. Just not necessarily in a linear fashion, as we expect to see it.

I just love the flow of the Loving Universe!  You pay attention.  See what is really going on, looking for ways you can help.  Ask for and offer help.  Allow help to come to you.  Embrace it, flow help back.  Pay attention again, accepting, allowing, embracing, flowing.

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