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There is a feeling associated with this statement.  I’ve not really been able to put my finger on it.

Julia Cameron described it like this, “. . . an appreciation for the work itself, the sheer joy and self respect to be found in doing it.”  She has used words like “dignity” to explain it or another phrase, “. . . about keeping our side of the bargain.”  It’s hard to really capture it in words.

For me it feels full.  On solid ground.  Going beyond or expanding on the concept of self respect.  It’s a centeredness, a wholeness.

Something about getting some writing done makes me feel like I have integrity from doing what I said I’d do. Maybe it’s a result of sharing my skills and talents. What I’m supposed to be doing on this Earth.

There’s a deep satisfaction in it.  From head to toe. Like a cool, refreshing drink of clear water.  Or after a particularly satisfying, tasty and right-sized meal.  Not too full or left still hungry.  It’s got something to do with completion.

It’s not like anything else I can compare it to.  Perhaps after love-making, except there is no grogginess associated with it.  I feel sharper, more capable.  I’ve gotten some writing done, now what?

I guess I’ll go get some more writing done . . .

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