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I believe in the sacred in the profane.  Sexuality is no less worthy than attitude.  It’s in how you use them.  Most of us would agree that sex is good. And the affection of one for another must surely be holy. The experience and expression of love clearly is sacred.

Having sex with someone is committing an act of faith.  You lay yourself bare and allow someone close to enter your intimate space. Through that act you can create vulnerability and trust, a deeper feeling of love. All good things.

Putting writing out there is a similar act.  In a way you must lay yourself bare, open your legs and your heart and allow your creation to flow.  You must make that decision to step over the line.  As a great writer described it, sex doesn’t happen unless one is willing to raise his or her hips and allow that crucial piece of clothing to be removed.  You have to be willing to expose yourself to the experience.

Does a tree falling make a sound if no one is there to hear it?  Does your writing do its job if no one reads it? When you submit your writing or give it to someone to read (and goodness knows this can apply to any kind of art or creation) you’re making a commitment, taking that step over that line, risking it all. For the sake of the Art. You may get rejected, hurt or shamed, but the risk is definitely worth the reward.

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