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I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon lately.  Wise and talented Blank Verse Jewelry designer, Laamsha Young, assured me that I am not alone in this.

I find that I am constantly looking around the corner.  Not content with what I’ve just done, I have to turn around to look at everything else that needs to be done.

Sure, I finally accomplished this goal, but there are 35 behind it, waiting for their chance.  When am I going to get to them all?  So I lost 5 pounds. I still have15 more to go!  All of sudden, my good feelings of accomplishment have vanished in the face of all that’s left.

Perhaps it also includes the propensity to wrench my neck as I peer around the corner and see myself dealing with something similar in the past.  I’m wondering, why is it coming ‘round my corner again?

I’m of a mind that it does no good to keep peeking around that corner.  Leave it be.  If I want to move forward, I should keep my eyes on the road ahead.

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