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This is a quote from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  The 1981 BBC production.  Marvin, the cranky robot, who has caught our unwelcome hitchhikers, chants, “Resistance is Useless.”

Of course, that is how it works in this galaxy, our Universe.  Resistance gets you nowhere.  It is quite useless.  It keeps you from staying still when you need to, moving forward when it’s called for.

What you resist persists.  It is in the surrendering, in taking naps and accepting where you are that things begin to happen.  Certainly you don’t make progress by resisting.

Perhaps gritting your teeth, hunching over to protect yourself and forging forward can make things happen, too. Shakti Gawain would tell us to surrender and listen.  Listening for what to do next, to your inner guidance, is a much better way to proceed.

Resilience, on the other hand, works.  Being able to sway in the wind.  Survive on a little less water or sun, bouncing easily back, when you get what you need. Being able  to go with the flow of your life.  Words aren’t coming?  Money’s staying away?  Ideas running dry?  Energy crashing?  Whatever it is, if you’re resilient, you can ride it out.

It doesn’t mean you give up.  On the contrary.  It means you don’t lay flat when you’ve been blown over or cut down.  Instead, you get back up, patch your wounds and get back to it.  The ability to Keep Coming Back, no matter how many times you’re blown off track, that is what creates forward motion.

Resistance is Useless!  Resilience is Grand!

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