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From the book and workbook, “Living In the Light,” by Shakti Gawain.

As we return to Shakti’s teaching, let me remind you we are practicing identifying and listening to the voices in our heads.  We do this so we can start to pick through all that noise and find the still small voice of Intuition, quietly waiting behind all the chatter.

You may be able to identify the voices of the Tyrant and Rebel inside your head. The Tyrant drives you ever on to achieve more, do more.  It may have been constructed from voices outside saying you “should” do this or that. The Rebel was developed to keep us from being run into the ground by the Tyrant. So we don’t spend all our time trying to keep up with the Tyrant’s demands.

These two tend to feed on each other. The more the Tyrant yells to do it, the more the Rebel says, “No way.  I’m not going to.”  The more the Rebel stomps a foot, the more the Tyrant must step in to restore the status quo.

It’s very hard to hear Intuition with all that yammering going on. In fact, this constant battle can easily end up in stale mate. “The true source of energy movement and power lies in listening to your intuition, heeding its guidance and acting on it,” Shakti tells us.

Exercise 16 – Listening to the Tyrant and the Rebel

Two columns this time: Tyrant and Rebel.  Under the Tyrant column, write the rules and expectations that you live by.  What are you often telling yourself you have to do.  In the book, Shakti suggests doing it in categories like Money, Relationships, Career.

In the next column, under Rebel, answer those demands. See what the Rebel is saying back to all that.  Notice how it’s keeping you from doing what you choose.

Exercise 17 – Imagining and Seeing the Rebel and the Tyrant

“Close your eyes and allow images of your tyrant and rebel to form in your mind’s eye.” As always, Shakti advises that if you can’t see it clearly, find a sense or a feeling.  Just form an “impression.”

Then, describe what you’ve felt or seen.  Give them “full color and form,” she says.  You might name them.  They could have a talk or interact in some way.

After that, imagine them being stuck in their positions.  “When the image is clear, move away from them, and allow an image or feeling of your Higher Self or your intuitive wisdom to appear.  Listen to what this part has to say to you.”

Then, write about it.

My Tyrant has shades of my mother, or the German House Frau she might have been in another life.  She’s always scolding and telling me I didn’t do enough.

My Rebel wears sunglasses, a favorite tee shirt, a leather jacket and pajama pants.  She thinks the Tyrant is such a drag. “I doan wanna!” she shouts back.  “I’m going to the beach today.  See you later.”

“You most certainly are not!” The Tyrant rails back.

 “Well, if I stay, I’m not gonna do it.”

What’s a girl to do?

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