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We come from the stars. According to Carl Sagan and Professor Brian Cox, we are made of the same stuff as stars. The identical elements that make up our world, make up the stars. It’s just a matter of differing proportions. Evidently, we were formed from a dying star.

This is exciting information. Does it mean we have the capacity to shine and reflect light? What if we were all glowing inside? Take a look at people like The Dalai Lama. Certainly he is shining. There are others, too, in your own town, who are not famous, but have a glow, nonetheless.

Perhaps this is what miracles are. Small released bits of star stuff.

Kind of makes you think twice. I am a star. We are all stars. Shining in the firmament. How cool is that.


I am still rather amazed at my ability to flip a switch and be bathed in light. Light and light bulbs are truly wondrous inventions.  Power is such an important commodity in our world.

The really powerful Light, however, comes from within.  It is the Light which illuminates truth.  It is most helpful to see the stack of books on the floor so you don’t trip over them, but how much more can you gain from seeing that you’re not feeling appreciated! With that information you can be aware of the ways that you’re not appreciating yourself.  There are simple things you can do to appreciate yourself more like acknowledging yourself, or buying yourself a gift for a job well done.  And before you know it your steps are a little lighter and maybe more sure. You might just be able step over those books without flipping a switch.

The insights we receive from shining our own light inside our heads can change our lives completely.  The effects of it can be profound.  Far more than shedding light in a dark room.  In A Course in Miracles they call this Light a Miracle. Seeing what’s really going on in your head is the beginning of forgiveness.  Leading to nothing less than salvation.

Professor Cox would tell you that the Earth could not sustain life without the light of the sun. Personally, I would be deeply depressed if I lived in one of those countries where it’s dark most of the day.  We thrive on sunlight.  But we blossom by the Light of our inner knowing.

I have been watching a lot of programs lately about the Universe.  It seems our technology has gone very far and taught us so many things about this vast place we live!

He could well be the new Carl Sagan.  Professor Brian Cox, a British Physicist, has been enchanting me with his lessons and passion for the wonders of this world. (He has series called Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, Wonders of Life, among others.)  If you’ve never experienced his work, I strongly suggest you check him out.

It gets me thinking when you really listen to these scientists, it all seems to work within the spiritual theories I have been taught.  I have yet to hear (except in opinion) any kind of proof that God wasn’t behind all this.  My theory remains that it seems folly to think that all this magnificence happened on its own, without intelligence behind it.

As it is in the microcosm, so it is in the macrocosm is a very spiritual concept that fits perfectly with Dr. Cox’s explanations.  He has said that the stars, the planets, the sun, us, are all made of the same stuff.  That says to me that we are all one.

It’s very exciting when science backs up spirituality.  So often it’s just the words we chose that separate us.  I can’t venture to guess what the good Professor believes, but most scientists don’t confess to believe in the existence of God.  I wonder how they do that with such constant proof around them!

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