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One is an extremely large and amazing concept. It may be the most important One. One by One, One-on-One, One Way, One Day. . .

We are All One. We are all made of the same elements. We are the stars above us, we are the ground beneath us. All One. We all have the same river running through us.

I’ve often thought this is a crucial step to Enlightenment along the Path. Being able to grasp this One. It’s not easy. It holds the Immenseness of the Universe. The Limitlessness of God. It’s a Big One. We humans are so fixated on the tiny details of every day living it becomes a large stretch for us to get our minds around us all being One.

Professor Cox and other Physicists and Astronomers perhaps see on a much larger scale than most of us. He, I’m sure, can get his big brain around the vastness and the age of the Universe.

But we On the Path take it further into God territory and it can get overwhelming out there. It’s a lot to take in, this All One, all at once. But it is a central belief of those of us On the Path. To really feel that One Ness. To take it all in.

In the landmark Conversations with God series, Book III, God talks about concepts even bigger than the Universe! When I read it, it is almost painful to shift consciousness back to our usual scale. The thoughts of Oneness are So Big.

It’s quite astounding the connection between us all and what that can do. What if we could harness our One Power? What great things could we do! Figure out our energy and environmental problems pretty quickly, I’d say, if we all were working as One. Can you imagine our planet coming together as One? (There was, I believe, an Outer Limits episode about an experiment to make a man into an alien to unite the planet against one common enemy.) In truth if everyone was doing okay, we would all be stronger for it. I wonder what we could do with the economy if we had One goal of working together for everyone’s good.

What One can do!


I love simple instructions with a single focus.

This is appealing too because it leaves little room for disappointment.  There are very few situations when you can’t a least look for peace.  In chaos is where you need it the most.

It is very true that you cannot control your environment enough to keep crazy things from happening.  I know.  I’ve tried.  And it never works.  It’s easy to see that Life is Change.  Just because it is peaceful all around me at the moment is no guarantee that it won’t explode later.

If my goal is to always be looking for peace, I pave the way for it.  I have my eyes open (at least my inner eye) for that peaceful spot.

Not easy, I know.  But possible.  Completely within one’s control.   There is always a place of peace available to each and every one of us.  No tools or equipment needed.  No approvals in triplicate.  Merely a choice to find it.

Practice, no doubt, helps.  Going to that place of peace over and over again when things are not erupting madly in front of you, is a good way to practice.  It helps you to remember and become familiar with the path. Surely everyone’s lives are filled with actively popping moments – good and bad.  But you can practice as often as you can.

When the TV is blaring and the kids are shouting and there are places to go and things to do. . .  That’s the time to find a moment to take in a deliberate breath and ask for peace.

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