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The other day I stumbled upon the Orin and DaBen  site.  “Creating Money” is one of my all time favorite books.  It changed my life and how I look at a lot of things.

Almost everyone who talks about creating or attracting abundance stresses clarity. I, too, have seen firsthand how important it can be.  Whether or not you believe that the Universe delivers what you ask specifically for, it still makes sense in the practical, dense world to be clear on what you’re after.

I set a few intentions the other day and realized I was feeling uncomfortable about some of my choices.  The process starts with identifying and acknowledging that discomfort.  Then, you need to be willing to sit with it, to poke around and find out what it’s about.

When you choose something new, it often entails getting rid of something else.  I was concerned about what others might think about that.  But, seeing it clearly, I could reassure myself that if it is the right thing for me to do, others would understand, eventually.  This felt like an important enough change to make.  Without being clear on what was bothering me, I might have held myself back (or at least made it more difficult than it needed to be.)

There were also some aspects of this change that had me thinking, in the back of my mind, that things might turn out the way they have in the past and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back there.  But I realize, after hearing those thoughts, that I can make it what I want it to be. And if I keep thinking that things will turn out the same way, they are likely to do just that.  In the end, the difference will be in how I handle the change, how I react to it. That is completely in my control and not something to be feared.

Knowing these things has opened the path in front of me.  It’s made a large change more manageable  Rather than allowing that vague discomfort to linger, I took the time to listen to what I was telling myself, to feel what I was feeling.  I can see now that I can prepare others for this change, making it easier for therm.  And I’ll be aware enough so that I can control how things will play out and avoid past mistakes.

All because of a little clarity.

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