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Recently, I cleaned a friend’s house. I find now I’m looking at my own with a different eye. Seeing the dust bunnies, drips and out- of-whacks that I had not noticed before. I set about to clean my own house and though I’m taking it much slower than I would a house cleaning job, I’m making progress. I find that it calms my nerves to have my house clean and things in their places.

There are several healthy effects of having a clean and organized house. A room in good order feels better, physically. The most obvious benefit is that cleanliness is next to godliness. The less funk, the less chance bacteria will grab hold and interfere with the fine workings of your God-given bodily systems. When you know just where to find what you’re looking for, you’ve got peace of mind that’s sure to lessen stress. You can save yourself lots of frustration (and money) when you can put your hands on that certain tool you know you have! When things are where they should be, life is not so distracting and there are more moments to take a breath and think before you act. Food is digested better without chaos. Seeing what you have can reveal how much you have to be grateful for. I read in a book once that dusting allows you to appreciate all the wonderful things you have. A well-kept house gives me a sense of pride and warms and softens my heart. Cleaning is pretty good exercise, too.

Today, I celebrate the birthday of George Harrison.

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