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I have come to believe that every moment can be fun and easy.  Beautiful even, if you’re willing to see it behind whatever may show up in your life. Paulette Terrels suggests not putting too much stock in what’s actually going on around you, but, instead, seeing further beyond it, around to what’s grander and more beautiful.

Okay, I will concede that there may be times that are just Not Fun.  Let’s say it’s very hard to see the fun or the beauty. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. For most of us, who live free and relatively speaking abundant lives, there’s a whole lot of times, though, that most certainly ARE FUN!  Or could be with an attitude tweak or two.

I think we get to moving so fast we forget how easy it is to turn on the Fun switch.  Shining the light on what’s wonderful in and around the moment.

Practice, practice.  Use the obvious, easy ones.  When you’re hanging with people you love, enjoying a great meal.  Or spending time with your special one, watching a wonderful film.  At the arena, watching your favorite team win!  Notice how much fun it is. Remember the feeling so you can spot it elsewhere.

It only takes an intention to find the fun.  Just a breath (or 2) maybe a sigh and you are there.  See how many opportunities there are! The best way to increase your fun times is to notice them. The more you acknowledge, the more you will see.  It is just a practice. And, if I might add, rather a fun practice at that.

I still maintain it is actually possible to find fun all the time. I suspect the Dalai Lama finds life fun and easy most of the time.  If not all.  Despite all the things he’s seen, he loves to laugh!

So I may not reach the Dalai Lama’s level in this lifetime, but I can carve out a mighty fine life – making things easier on my mind, body and spirit.  Not only that, my joy is contagious.  Being happy and finding fun in life spreads.  It affects everything around me.  Make it a practice to see with eyes that recognize the fun and beauty which stands behind everything!

Just a thought ~ What if you could see every event, every encounter as an opportunity to give or receive a powerful gift? 

Instead of the usual stress around questions like:  Will I be accepted?  How do I get what I want?  What’s going to happen?  Wouldn’t it be better to see it as a chance to receive some knowledge, learn more about whoever you come in contact with?   You might practice seeing the other as a human being, just like you, trying to do his or her best.

You might also stay open for ways you can give.  How can I serve this person?  What can I do to ease suffering, spread love, practice more understanding?  What is it this person really needs?

There is a Japanese anime series called “InuYasha”.  In it a sacred jewel is shattered into pieces.  Each person who gets a shard of this jewel is imbued with special powers. What if you greeted every person as if they had a shard of that sacred jewel to give you? 

There are so many ways to give and receive when you are in contact with others.  What amazingly powerful gifts can be exchanged!

Debbie Ford wrote this week about the rituals of Rosh Hashanah and the value of being connected to something.

When we’re connected, she says, ” . . . we’re not run by our fear, worry or pain.”  We can choose what we want to be connected to. Our faith, spiritual practices and rituals remind us of this, of the good there is in life.  They give us something to plug into.

There are lots of choices we can make to help us feel connected. Debbie suggested that we look for the blessings and opportunities in our lives.  I contended that if we set our sights on seeing all that’s right and stay alert for opportunities we will see more and more.  This provides us with visible proof that our lives are blessed and opportunities abound.  Making us feel more blessed.

There was someone in my life today who was annoying me.  Taking advantage where she shouldn’t, not being grateful enough.  But instead of getting grumpy about it, I can see it as an opportunity to be more understanding and forgiving.  I don’t know this woman’s story, what her predicament might be.  I can feel blessed enough to give her some space to be who she is and allow her to take what she needs.

I believe the trick is to not let these little (or big) inevitable trip ups side track or take you too far off kilter. I don’t know about you, but I’m always stumbling on things that are missing from my life, annoyances and opportunities that don’t play out the way I’d hoped, walls I walk into.  With connection we can remember and come back to Center.

For some reason, many of us will cling to the one thing that goes wrong in a day.  I know I do that.  I’ve been having a great day, things have been going my way, plans are moving ahead, maybe even a few delightful surprises along the way. Then someone says something cross to me, or I realize I may have made a mistake.  Maybe something comes in the mail that reminds me of a dirty piece of business I must deal with.  I fall off the wagon and start feeling bad or disappointed.

Sometimes all you can do is try to breathe and reconnect.  Maybe this business, when taken care of, will lead to an opportunity.  The relief of taking care of it may well be a blessing. Mistakes are always opportunities to learn something new and often turn out to be good for us in the long run. With my friend this morning, it was a good opportunity to evolve and expand my capacity to love.

This reconnection or choice to plug back in, doesn’t keep me from dealing with the situation at hand.  It just gives me a sunnier day in which to do it.

The more connected we can stay to the idea of blessings and opportunities, the easier it is to go through life and the more we can enjoy!

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