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Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage. Shiatsu means finger pressure and that’s exactly what it is. Unlike the open palm, more forceful massage techniques, Shiatsu practitioners use the fingertips to apply pressure. There are no oils used because it’s not about moving across the skin. The patient remains clothed (though preferably in comfortable clothes.) The theory is based on the Chinese meridians that run through the body, linking the organs, skin, flesh, muscles and bones. It works on the principle that the person is well, then massages the individual organs to bring them into balance. If one organ is working harder than it should, another may not be working hard enough. The flow of energy through the body is unblocked by the gentle manipulating of the meridian points on the skin. Shiatsu not only balances energy, but also emotions, releasing toxins and tension. After a session you are likely to feel energetic and calm, maybe lighter. A wonderful experience!


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