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1)  The first thing I think of is an open Mind.  I do talk a lot about it.  It’s an important thing to have. With an open mind many things are possible.  With your mind open you see other ways, new options.  Acceptance is a repercussion of the open mind.  If everything is possible, that opens the way for more acceptance. Anything that helps you accept more is always a good idea.  When you accept people you create a more loving attitude.  Understanding is the key to peace.  And it comes from that openness.

2)  The love flowing from your open mind, opens your heart. People with open hearts are delightful to be around. They always seem to be happy.  With an open heart you not only give more love, you also let more love in. A wide open exchange of love!  Can it get better than that?

3)  Open hands offer help, a lift,  a hand.  You use an open hand to high five or shake hands.  With your hands open, you can also receive.

4)  What about opening your eyes?  Greeting a new day.  Also seeing things more clearly.  Opening your inner eye to see more.  Open eyes are more likely to see what is going on around them. Being grateful entails opening your eyes and seeing all you do have.  Open and loving eyes see so much more than closed eyes!

5)  Having your arms open means you are ready for an embrace. I am of the belief that embracing life has plenty of benefits. Many teachers talk of saying yes.  This takes it a step further to say, oh yes, come on in!  Open arms are welcoming and beckoning.

6)  There may be something about opening your legs, but I probably shouldn’t go there.  In some cases, however, that can be a very good thing.

7)  We must not forget about having an open attitude.  A release if you will.  Alan Cohen’s quote today said, “The more you let go, the faster you will move ahead. ”  When I’m tense and feeling desperate, I’m definitely not open.  I have been feeling stuck lately.  Things I’ve tried haven’t panned out.  Releasing the need to have things work out a certain way or letting go of old notions of how it always is with me can certainly help me open more.  And allow the energy to move me forward.

8)  Is there another piece of opening about making space? Sometimes my head feels too packed to put anything else in. There is so much to learn and too much to do!  If I open to something new, make space in my mind and my life, maybe I can welcome whatever is asking to come in.

Open the windows and let the fresh air in!

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