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Be ready to take off!  Whether you are are reader or writer.

I took a journey through someone’s rant about a ruefully justified killing. Comfortable, easy language enticed me with its scent.  The bite of sarcasm, like the perfect spice, made it more palatable.  (Though in many ways, more dastardly.)  Just a simple essay, a small piece of candy, less than 600 words with quotes (and zero calories!).  Took me, happily, to the center and back of a vulgar issue.  And left me feeling richer for the experience.

Other journeys are much longer to faraway places, in distant parts of your imagination. Through a complicated series of thoughts and feelings, swirling around punctuated actions.  From the Himalayas, to a left-handed world, or through a Geisha house, into a school of witchcraft and wizardry.  Kinda leaves you breathless!

It’s not anything less than an adventure for the writer, either.  Anyone who’s ever played with fiction knows the trip through a story is always one of discovery.  Nuggets appear along the way which help the author to see things more clearly. Giving the story better legs to stand on.  Even in dry old non-fiction, shining insights and dazzling connections arise that hadn’t been noticed before.  The lay of the land can shift and change many times from one side of any piece of writing to the other.

Journaling takes me on a journey through my head and heart. It’s always filled with surprising twists and turns as I come to know the pathways through my own inner landscape.

Words stand ready to take you wherever you may wish to go.

I’ve had a thought recently that I need to be using what I’ve got.  But I wonder what, exactly, that means?

Perhaps the first thought might be about using my talents to achieve my goals.  That seems kind of obvious.  Is it possible I have other things I can use like resources, connections, and knowledge, too?

What about my tools, supplies and equipment?  Most of which are within arm’s reach, requiring no expenditure or effort to use.

There are other things I can use that are not as readily apparent.  Within the categories of resources, connections and knowledge, have I trully mined all that’s there?  In the back of my closet could be just what I need: Something I learned in business class many years ago.  Or someone I did something for last year who might be just the person I need right now.

This gets me sharpened to notice all the little things I have that can make the journey easier.  Music, for instance.  Pandora or various listening devices.  I only have to remember them. There are tricks of the trade that I’ve learned, support I had forgotten about.  An exercise that could reveal the exact piece of information I’d been missing.  Have I tried that resource over there, yet?

In all of this, it’s important to think in terms of all I have that I can give to others.  Most of these things I can share.  My time, my expertise, my concern can also be offered.  I have plenty of encouragement that I can give generously, at almost any time.  To myself and others.

I believe there is help wherever you look. The answer to a burning question might be uttered in the next movie I see.  Or a tossed off comment I overhear.  The secret is to stay open for precisely what is needed.

It’s kind of sexy, isn’t it?  A person who uses what he or she has.  It’s not about being self-reliant, but interdependent.  Like infrastructure excites some folks, interdependency does the same thing to me.

Using what you have feels like integrity to me.  Whole.  Using everything you can to enhance and expand your capacities.

In networking we learn to turn over every stone, contact everyone we can think of.  That our networks are no longer separate.  My friends, my colleagues, my comrades, all are my network and all a resource for me.  And I can be for them.

I want to use what I have to more fully give and receive.

As Tamilee Webb says in her exercise video, “Don’t let that energy drop!”

I’m trying the tactic I used last November for NaNoWriMo.  I believe it works on the principle of Momentum Energy.

I’ve had a book I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time, called “Love Letters From Your Soul.”  It’s had a difficult journey, with hiccups and re-directions along the way.  I made a commitment that I was going to get it ready to go by April. So, the plan was to give it some time every day in March.  Even if that was no more than making plans or rereading notes.  I’ve kept it in mind for 20 days now.

Now, as I cruise into the last two weeks of the months, I find I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.  As I like to say, a small amount of effort, applied regularly, produces results.  And so it has.  What I have is momentum.  The project is alive with ideas, plans and small steps left to do. I’m really ready to push it through!

I believe, as busy, active people, we often long to languish and do nothing.  Or to take things slowly when we can.  It can be easy to sink into apathy or lose interest in something that takes too long.

Momentum is a beautiful thing whether you generate it consciously or find yourself in it.  It is helpful to use it when it’s there.  Respect it and let it carry you.  It can be powerful juju!

Using the Twin Constellations of Acceptance and Allowance (from the book that never was)

Acceptance is an agreement or a choice. The first step is to accept everything that goes on in the Universe.  You really don’t have any other choice. What’s happening is what’s happening.  You might just as well tell the Universe to back up and turn around.  Good luck with that.

Allowing is the second part.  To give permission. This is not saying it’s okay with you. It’s merely a willingness to open the door, allowing life to be what it is. Allowing is a much better use of energy than trying with all your might to keep the door shut.

Another analogy might be a flowing river. The first thing you need to do in order to use it to your benefit, is to agree that the river is flowing. As long as the river remains free, there is nothing you can do to change that.. Then, as you allow the current to take you with it, you use the energy of the river, rather than fight it.

When you apply this to your life, you are able to move more effectively and easily. Understanding these powerful twin forces is the beginning of your journey across the Universe.

Taking action in the world creates a conduit for life to flow.

Being Grateful allows Good Things to flow.  And it keeps you open for Guidance.

Using Guidance to fuel your actions helps you move past apparent barriers.

            (Do remember to take good care of yourself along the journey.)

If the flow should slow down, try giving more to others.

The actions you take on others’ behalf will open the conduit wider.

May Goodness flow freely into your life!

 This is a sample of my upcoming e-book, due out in the Fall.

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