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My Name is Bruce (USA, 2007)

Bruce Campbell is the current co-star of Burn Notice (one of my faves). He has a long filmography. He’s acted, directed and written, too. Perhaps he is most well-remembered for making cheap horror films like Bubba Ho-tep and The Evil Dead Trilogy. Many of the actors from those movies join him in this, a spoof of himself and the cheezy horror movie trade. It’s a typical story, but fun, with creepy characters and lots of screaming and laughs. Bruce plays himself, as a broken down drinker who knows how to act in a horror movie, but not in real life! Who else would you call if your town was being terrorized by a creature with a folk song? Hooky fun. And, I might add that the Bruce Campbell of these movies is pretty close to the Sam Axe character of Burn Notice. Sam wears the same Hawaiian shirts and carries himself with a similar attitude. Though, in Burn Notice the monsters are of this plane. A whole lotta laughs whether you know of his work or not.


Bombay Talkie (USA, 1970)

An American woman writer comes to India to find out more about a popular Bollywood actor. Seems she writes sexy novels and wants some material from the colorful Indian film industry. She’s not a very nice person, but the scenery makes it all right. A piece of music from this movie was used in Darjeeling Limited. (Another fun film made in India.) An odd movie, but interesting. The description on IMDB doesn’t match mine. I’m not sure the story is the main feature. James Ivory wrote and directed it.


Love and Honor (Japan, 2006)

We’ve been watching a lot of these Samurai movies lately. A 30-doku (low wages) Samurai tasting food for the feudal lord, ends up poisoned. He survives, but is blind. With children and a wife, what sacrifices will have to be made to support them? How will he find his way? A touching story of love and honor.

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