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There are many ways to do this.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of listening.  Being really present and listening carefully to someone can be the best gift we can ever give them.

We can honor them by seeing them as whole just the way they are.  Sometimes that’s difficult, especially when they don’t see themselves that way. What an amazing gift it is to reflect something different!  It’s a matter of holding in mind a thought there is always a reason for why people do and say what they do. Give them the same leniency you might give yourself, knowing your reasons. Knowing that they are just where they need to be.

Honoring another means remaining centered in love.  Seeing them as another unfolding, awakening soul.  After all, we are made of the same stuff.  You might even say we are one.

Another way we can honor others is by acknowledging their gifts and offering praise for them.  I believe there was a generation who believed people (children, in particular) would get a big ego if they heard too much praise.  I don’t believe that.  People with big egos, who’s britches are too big for them, are usually not sure at all how wonderful they are.

I love that as you give others the gift of listening to what they have to say, you can also give yourself a gift. There is something to learn from every encounter with others.  You might pick up some good ideas, advise or suggestions.  You could also spot something in yourself that is similar to what you’re seeing in the other.  That might be cool with you and allow to give yourself some praise.  Or it could be something you don’t care for. Seeing that, you can do something to change it in yourself.

Every moment life is offering us messages. By paying attention to others, by being present with them, you continue to practice present moment awareness. And in so doing, hear the guidance that’s always there.

What does that mean? My first thought is always about allowing others to be who they are. If I can help, I like to. But I’ve often found when I’m trying to help someone, make suggestions, they don’t want it or can’t hear it. I honor others by allowing them to go through their own process. Even if I can see a shorter or easier route.

Honoring One Another means I must allow the other to leave if he or she must. Remembering that it is not my decision to make. I can honor others by always using kind and gentle words. It must truly be honoring to forgive quickly.

I read recently about loving mistakes. Certainly scientists thrive on mistakes as that not only gives them valuable information, but some of the most important discoveries come from mistakes. So it is with the rest of us. Honoring one another includes allowing mistakes for the wonders that can come from them.

It wouldn’t be right to discuss this topic without mentioning the word Respect. I’m not sure you can do more honor to another than by respecting them. From there, everything else I’ve noted will just fall into place.

Honoring doesn’t have to mean putting on a formal party for someone – though that can be a rather fitting thing to do. Testimonials are not necessary either, if you can see the other as a fellow human being on the path, no matter what his/her status, circumstance or age.

Perhaps the trickiest part of all this honoring is in honoring yourself. After all, why shouldn’t you be honored, too? What does it mean to honor yourself? Acknowledging your needs seems a good place to start. It may be that the more you speak up for yourself and do what you can to get your needs met, honor who you are, the better and more naturally you will honor others

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