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The Universe doesn’t use Outlook, nor a Daytimer.  It doesn’t even own a smart phone.  I suspect, when you have eternity, what’s Wednesday at 2:00?

I, on the other hand, rely heavily on calendars, when I’m setting intentions. I will have lost 5 pounds by February 3rd at 9:15.  Now, isn’t that silly?  But still I forge on:  I’ll have a book published by December 31, 2012.

There are so many factors which can change my set dates. Even the simple ones like I’ll meet  you Sunday, 1:30 at Joe’s Place.  This is subject to the winds of weather, 2 working cars, and no emergencies on either end.  I’d say the Universe is quite wise not to make plans on a strict calendar.

So why oh why do I continue to stress out and beat myself up over deadlines I have no business setting?

I understand we live in a world that spins on calendars, agendas and deadlines.  We all are chained in some aspects of our lives.  And I do believe it’s a good idea to be responsible and show up on time, honor commitments.

But there are so many places where the yoke of time just makes it harder to accomplish our goals. Sure, we can set a target date.  But we have to remember that the Universe has no calendar.  Sometimes things take more time than we’ve estimated. Finding ways to keep going (even when we reach that date) is far more productive than beating ourselves up for a missed deadline.

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