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SARK talked about havens in her last newsletter and I was taken by the concept. A haven is a port in the storm, finally reaching the harbor after a long journey, a place that feels safe.  M-W defines it also as “a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions.”  I like that.  Opportunities of all kinds: to rest, to fuel, to have fun.  A haven brings to mind cozy and comfortable.

Seems, though, when you get down to it, that haven is in the eye of the beholder.  What may be rest to me, may be uncomfortable for you. For SARK it was a high back chair.  What a wonderful thing to ponder!

What if you could find a haven in your soul?  A place you could go to no matter what.  In my work with Libby Gill, she asked us to create a room in our minds.  Make it as cozy and comfortable as you can.  Mine is like a retreat (another good synonym for haven, huh?) You enter through a small porch.  In the center of the room is a large lounge chair.  It looks out at a beautiful lake (or an ocean if I’m of a mood.) The rest of the retreat is surrounded by tress.  On one side is a small kitchen and on the other a sunken bed (like John Lennon’s in ” Help“.) All my favorite books are there. Whenever things get tough or crazy, I can take a break and imagine myself on that lounge chair, breathing deeply and regrouping. What a wonderful (and highly accessible) haven it is!

Havens can be as simple as a hot cup of tea, a dip in the pool or a solo walk.  A haven might be a talk with a good friend.  Maybe it’s a restful bedroom or a cozy window seat, a special corner of your home. Perhaps your haven is under a tree or under the stars, on a boat, at sea.  Sometimes my garage is a haven when it’s raining.

I’m going to keep my eyes open for havens.  Maybe it’s just a quiet moment in the middle of hectic day, a break from traffic when the wind is in my hair and all cylinders are pumping.  A haven could be settling in to watch a favorite show or the comforting cover of darkness when the lights are turned off before bed.

Any ideas?  What is a Haven to you?

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