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I am grateful for this powerful combination for doing everything with fun and ease.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see everything as enjoyable?  Perhaps the only thing that keeps us all from living that way is Belief and Trust.

It’s fun to believe!  To make believe, believe in magic, in fairy tales, that all will be well, in God . . .  When life is treated in this light-hearted spirit, we can set our hearts to believe that all is well, that we can handle whatever comes up.  How delightful to step into belief!

Trust is the easy part.  Resting into trusting that all is well. Just relaxing and letting go of any disbelief, unclenching. I think it is a more natural state for us. So we can just sit back and allow ourselves to trust.

This is not a lolly-gagging bit of easy going.  Like in Tai Chi, the easier, lighter hand is the stronger hand. In that state the body is far more aware and prepared to strike.

These are really practice mechanisms.  When you’ve played with these two for a while, you will find yourself transforming into Knowing.  Add some gratitude along the way and you can arrive quickly at that place where you no longer need to trust. It always has been, always will be.  In that comfortable space, you know you can handle whatever happens.

I’m using this method to help me hold a stronger vision of people.  See them as whole, well, and abundant, rather than needy.  Believing that they will be fine. Trusting their lives will be whole again.

It’s been well established – here and elsewhere – that Feelings are the key to attracting people and situations into your life.  It’s the feelings which are the sticky stuff.  The timbre or quality of the stickiness is what designates what is being attracted.

I believe in this.  I’ve seen proof of it.  I use lots and lots of affirmations, I paint vivid pictures, talk a lot about it, write even more, been known to create a focus board or two. All in the pursuit of generating the good feelings I want to, anticipate having, when this thing or person appears in my life.

However, until the situation manifests, I am often faced with the current lay of the land which doesn’t always produce good feelings. It’s very easy to get smacked in the face.

Let’s say I want a new bed.  My thoughts are filled with the feeling of how good it will be when I have the new bed!  How I’ll dress it up with new sheets.  How I’ll rise with a song in my heart!  But the truth of the matter is I often get up with a sore back – which chases all those good feelings away.  The point being that life has a way of tempering our strong, attractive feelings.

So, it’s incumbent upon us to turn up the volume on our feelings whenever we can.  This was Paulette Terrel’s suggestion during our last session.  One way she thought of was the Hicks’ Rampage of Appreciation.  Which is just what it sounds like: a dedicated, full speed ahead, no holds barred list of everything you’re grateful for.  Paulette said I might add why I’m grateful for it, ramping up the intensity even more.  Why am I grateful for the sun, my car or all the wonderful people in my life?  Being specific in appreciation has a similar effect to being specific in writing.  It turns up the volume, making things clearer, more true,   It’s like listening to music. Sometimes when you turn the volume up, even a little, it fills the room and your heart, lifting spirits even higher!

How about finding a more juicy way to say it?  Instead of, “I want to lose weight,” how about, “I can’t wait until I can wear that sweater!”  In place of “I want a new job,” I might say, “I’m keeping my eyes open for a new opportunity!”

Whatever you can do to raise the intensity of the feeling, make it even better, fuller in your heart, the more attractive it will be.

Taking action in the world creates a conduit for life to flow.

Being Grateful allows Good Things to flow.  And it keeps you open for Guidance.

Using Guidance to fuel your actions helps you move past apparent barriers.

            (Do remember to take good care of yourself along the journey.)

If the flow should slow down, try giving more to others.

The actions you take on others’ behalf will open the conduit wider.

May Goodness flow freely into your life!

 This is a sample of my upcoming e-book, due out in the Fall.

I think I’m cranky because my back hurts.  I think my back hurts because of this, that or the other out there.  But it all comes down to my thought. 

I’ve decided to listen to my thoughts to see just how the thoughts are dictating how I’m feeling.  When I listen like that it makes perfect sense.  Sometimes I can hear a constant stream from “it’s cold,” to “the cat is being a pest, I’m tired, I would rather be doing that, what an ugly car.” Chomping away at all that’s not right. 

Okay.  I take a breath.  I’m grateful for all I have.  You know that was a kind thing he did.  I’m grateful he is in my life.  Oh, but look, I have a thread coming out of my sweater.  You know all my clothes are ratty and in need of repair.  Off I go again!

It seems logical to say that my back hurts because I need an adjustment.  And if I felt better, I’d have better thoughts.  But I believe it is the other way around.  That form follows thought.  I’ve been told as much by many wise folks.  But I say, no, my back hurts because I’m not getting enough rest.  Wait a moment, maybe it’s because I’m not getting enough exercise.  Always it’s my thoughts telling me I did something wrong, or I didn’t do it enough.  Do this game enough, without awareness, and watch it grow into something worse.

If I’m going to have my life move more in the direction I choose, all the affirmations and intentions won’t work until my thoughts are more in alignment with what I choose. 

I know of two good ways to control my thoughts.  One is, of course, meditation.  I’ve found it’s best when done regularly. No matter how small the time, as long as it’s regular (that means as many days in a row as you can, shooting for every day.)  The other way is intensive journaling to unload most of that chatter.

Awareness, as always is the key to it all.  Watching to see how your thoughts are creating your reality. Coloring how you feel, emotionally and physically.  It all comes from the thoughts.

I’m going to try making that connection: between how my body feels and what my thoughts are doing.  The discomfort might well be coming from thoughts I had hours ago, but there’s no time like the present to clean it up.

I wish that it was Thanksgiving every day.  Not because of the food. Goodness knows we eat way too much!  Not because of the time with family. (Though we could stand to do that a little more often.)  It’s not even because of the week day off.

I wish for Thanksgiving every day because it gets us to look at all we have to grateful for.  You don’t have to eat a big meal to know how abundant we are in this country.  Jack Canfield reminds us today to be grateful for all the little things.  Like food in the kitchen, heat warming our houses, a roof over our heads, a computer to surf the Internet and read thoughtful Blogs.  Gratitude is a powerful place to be.

Being grateful feels different.  When you’re grateful your chest is open and your muscles are loose.  When you think about what you don’t have, you get tight, your chest closes, your muscles tense.  It is a palpable difference.

Gratitude generates more of the same.  The Law of Attraction and all we know about abundance, calls for that state of Grace, in gratitude. You get what you think about.  When you spend most of your time thinking about what you do have and feeling grateful, it’s almost like creating a warm cape to throw over those feelings of lack.  At times you can melt them away.  The more you feel grateful, the more room you make in your life for more. 

Jack said it’s difficult for most people to be grateful.  It’s not that complicated, really.  It’s just a detective game.  See how many places you can find abundance in your life, notice where you feel grateful. That’s all.  The more you can put yourself in that state of gratitude grace, the more opportunities you find to be grateful, the more you will see.  And it adds up and expands, like drops in a bucket.

With the open feeling gratitude generates you also unleash more willingness to give to yourself and others.  When you feel abundant and overflowing, giving is a natural reaction. (It’s not a coincidence Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.)

Very powerful stuff, that.  Just imagine what we could all do if we took time each day, and as many moments as we can during the day, to be grateful for all that we have.  To pretend it’s Thanksgiving every day.

I wish for everyone long lists of Gratitudes.

All around. All the time.

Including the blisters on my feet. I can see it as a gift that they’re spread between the ball of one foot and the heel of another. What if both heels were affected? I have a balance of sorts. The gifts are everywhere if you look. In the relief of the pain. Or in the grace of a beautiful moment: when the sunshine is on the trees, sparkling through my hair, or on my skin. These moments fill my body with warmth.

That seems to me good medicine for health and well being. If you have a regular practice of feeling gifted and grateful, acknowledging the presence of a loved one, a fresh refresh of cool water, or some good laughs. Making note of the moment of achievement or conception. Reveling in the excitement pumping along the way – being in the midst of something wonderful. The satisfaction of a good meal, a job well done, a milestone reached. Dwelling in the feeling of being well-loved and appreciated by a Loving Universe, here to support you, in so many ways, has got to affect the cells in your body.

It can also makes things happen. Feel what you want to feel first by noticing all the good you can, then set your intention for more of the same and watch for the Gift of Synchronicity. When you get where you’re going at just the right time and there is a parking spot, the rain stops and you slide in. Feeling confident and in sync. The right people coming together for exactly what you need at the perfect time. Blessings. Comings together. When it all just falls into place. The way to make synchronicity happen, I’ve come to believe, is in the acknowledgment of it. Call it forth by expecting it and then simply notice it happening. You will start to see it happening more and more.

Seeing the gifts all around you – including the magic of synchronicity – you can watch the blessings grow!

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