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I am of the belief that Faith is some powerful juju. Along with trust, it’s one of those things we come equipped with.  It requires no tools to have faith.  No money, no help.  Just a choice.

Julia Cameron says we can practice trusting. But Faith, for some reason, feels easier to me.  Trust seems like something you must actively do.  Stand up and trust.  But faith feels like something I can rest into.

This faith business is active in many areas of life. Certainly in religious circles. But also around money.  In most deals and interactions there must be a certain amount of faith. “Money is a substance which faith attracts.”  In God we trust.  Full faith and credit . . .

We have faith the sun will rise and most of the time that our bank is solvent.  We have faith that we will get paid for the work we do.  That the computer will boot up and all our files will be there. Our favorite shows will air as scheduled.

But Trust can be limiting if we are expecting a particular thing.  What if we have faith, we just know that someone will act in some kind of negative way?  Our expectations pave the way for that behavior.

In “Friendship with God,” there was a question raised about how to trust more.  God said that if you fully trust, you no longer need to.  A Master has no expectations, no need for anything to happen in a particular way. She simply accepts whatever is happening.  God said, “If you have faith that all your needs will be met, then, technically, you have no needs at all.”  And therefore, don’t need to trust.

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