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How is that I can be a few inches above the ground, floating on enthusiasm one day . . .  the enthusiasm of God filling me to brimming, feeling great and productive, shining that light? And the next day, the sun is gone, the printer’s acting up, the cat is trying, I’m getting nowhere? All my enthusiasm drained out of me.
It happens, I know.  So, what can be done about it?  Perhaps I could have a back up supply ready.  That could be a list of those things that make me feel enthusiastic: my dream, my projects, my loved ones.

It’s true that sometimes I just need a little downtime. When I can’t make things happen, maybe it’s better to not try so hard.  Take a break, breathe a little.  Getting a change of scenery can sometimes work wonders.  

Maria Nemeth, in her brilliant book “The Energy of Money,” talks about energy leaks.  If we can leak money through small, unconscious expenses, we can also lose physical energy with small, unconscious expenditures of fear and worry.

Keeping a watchful, attentive eye on where my energy leaks are can be helpful.  SARK talks a lot about controlling our energy.  But it begins with observation.  Noticing what drains my energy helps to know how to patch it. Taking good care is always a good place to start.  Listening to find out what my body needs

Another solution might be to stoke the momentum that’s already going, using it. If I’m hot into a project, leave a little bit to get me started tomorrow.  Keep my enthusiasm up around a long-term project by remembering why I’m doing it or finding new ways to go.  Acting while the iron’s still hot always works. I could find small ways to keep the fires burning in between sessions with a project.

Just being conscious of where my enthusiasm level is will likely reveal many ways.  

I read somewhere recently that “enthusiasm” means filled with God.

What is it like to be God-Filled?  To feel that warm light brimming inside of you.  You can hardly sit down, you are so excited!!

Enthusiasm is fueled by love.  Or something akin to it.  Your heart is embracing whatever it is you’re enthusiastic about.

It is certainly warm and has a bit of the bubbly to it.  You’re not just “up for it,” you’re enthusiastic about it!  It even sounds like you’re in that fun and active state.  As in athletic / enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm flows abundantly. It over flows and sparkles. It lights you up, brings a glow to your face.  Watch for it . . . it can be contagious and will easily stick to whatever it touches.

It’s very hard to be still when your enthusiasm is kicked up. You’re eager to get started or get back to it.  You just love it!

You’re filled with love for what you’re enthusiastic about, that’s for sure.  And you’re not usually concerned with whether it’s good or bad.  Or any such dualistic thoughts.  Your enthusiasm keeps you connected to the present moment.

It’s surely stuffed full of God!

This is a gift from Abraham, through Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I did a little research on the Internet. Evidently it’s from their book “Ask and It is Given,” which I have not yet read. (Though I have read others.)

I think the process is very cool. Sure, we can have our little gratitude sessions: “I am grateful today for sunshine.  I am grateful today for a healthy body. I am grateful today for my loved ones.” These are wonderful and the more we do them, the better and happier we are.  No question.

But let’s go on a rampage! To rush wildly, uncontrolled, frenzied. The definitions I read mentioned violent, but we can take aggressive out of that. Raging is a good word.  As is furiously.

The idea is to get more into it than just I am thankful for.  Instead, we might say, “Wow!  What a beautiful day!  I can’t wait for the plans I have for tonight! I am so lucky to have such a great car!”  Get into it. Go furiously, uncontrolled, raging with appreciation.

You can also do it on yourself.  “I have the best taste in music!  I just love how I feel when I listen to my favorite artists!  You know I really know a lot about music and how it’s made.  I am so blessed to have had such a great education!  I am so pleased with  the broad range of artists I love so much!”

Our purpose in doing this is to generate strong feelings.  Really good feelings. That state is quite powerful.  The Hicks reckon that in this place you are very attractive to the things you desire.

You might go on a rampage of how much you love someone or something. A rampage on all the wonderful things in your life.  Nature might be a good topic, too.  Let loose, hold nothing back.  Go wildly ahead with all the things that make you feel good.  Do it with plenty of enthusiasm!

My coach, Paulette Terrels, asked me to list 5 of my best qualities and then go on a rampage on one of them.  Man, did it feel good!  You can do this in your head or on paper.

Try it.  It’s fun to do and has amazing results!

I want to talk about Love.  Yes, I might be a couple weeks early, but Love is a big subject.  I’ve been thinking that there are three pillars to the book I’m writing (and to life, as well) :
1.  Becoming more aware in the present moment.
2.  Expanding capacity to love.
3.  Attracting those people and situations which truly support.

These are all linked.  When you dabble in the present moment, you see things for what they are.  Without all those judgments.  This, I believe, expands the capacity for understanding, acceptance and love.  Love is a very powerful vehicle of attraction.

We all know people who have a high degree of passion for something or someone.  It’s very appealing!  Even if you’re not especially interested in the topic or the person.  If the other’s enthusiasm is high enough, you will be sucked into the excitement.

I have a friend who is a marvelous artist.  She studied at a famous art school, has worked for several prestigious galleries, knows all the right people in the field, and has done as much art as her busy life will allow.  I am not much of an art person. I  prefer words to pictures, on the whole.  But when I go to art events with her, suddenly everything changes. As soon as she infuses her love and passion, I begin to see it through her eyes.  What was once boring and uninteresting, comes alive.  Now that’s compelling!

Those folks who are always talking about the Law of Attraction, remind us that the key ingredient is passion.  How intensely do you want it?  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  When you can generate the feelings, you send out a homing signal to pull in other frequencies which match yours.  I do not believe there is a stronger frequency than love.

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