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Yes, I know, it’s outdated – in terms of phrases – but the concept will never go out of style.

Spreading good vibes is the deliberate intention to be nice to everyone you come in contact with. To somehow lighten their load or brighten their day.  Whether that’s a smile for the person behind you in line, the waitress who asks you for the 7th time if everything’s okay or the person who really needs cheering up.

It’s about being kind to all creatures in your path.  Sometimes you must open your heart when you’d rather close it.  If your kids are driving you crazy and the person in front of you has yet another problem, this is the time to remember that your good vibes can have an effect on everyone around you.

Spreading good vibes includes answering the question, “How are you?” with a positive response.  I’m great!  Or at least I’m doing well.  Be conscious of what you’re putting out there.  Are your grumbling and complaining?

I was talking to a friend today about how negativity and fear spread quickly.  It’s important to not be the carrier of those bad vibes.  Instead, do what you can to improve them for everyone. If possible, see if you can leave others feeling even better than before.

It takes a little more effort to spread the good stuff, but it’s well worth it.  Being known as someone who makes others feel good is a pretty groovy thing!

As Tamilee Webb says in her exercise video, “Don’t let that energy drop!”

I’m trying the tactic I used last November for NaNoWriMo.  I believe it works on the principle of Momentum Energy.

I’ve had a book I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time, called “Love Letters From Your Soul.”  It’s had a difficult journey, with hiccups and re-directions along the way.  I made a commitment that I was going to get it ready to go by April. So, the plan was to give it some time every day in March.  Even if that was no more than making plans or rereading notes.  I’ve kept it in mind for 20 days now.

Now, as I cruise into the last two weeks of the months, I find I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.  As I like to say, a small amount of effort, applied regularly, produces results.  And so it has.  What I have is momentum.  The project is alive with ideas, plans and small steps left to do. I’m really ready to push it through!

I believe, as busy, active people, we often long to languish and do nothing.  Or to take things slowly when we can.  It can be easy to sink into apathy or lose interest in something that takes too long.

Momentum is a beautiful thing whether you generate it consciously or find yourself in it.  It is helpful to use it when it’s there.  Respect it and let it carry you.  It can be powerful juju!

I like the definition of sacrifice as “an act of offering (to a deity) something precious.”  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see everyone as a “deity” we are willing to give something precious to us? Whether it’s money, time, used clothes, time or effort – you are sacrificing a piece of yourself, something precious, when you give.  You are offering to suspend something in your life to help another.

Sacrifice eliminates judgment and hesitation. When you give in this way there is no wondering whether you should or shouldn’t do it.  Why someone needs what you are offering is irrelevant.  It is what is in the moment. And you are called to give, without question.

True Sacrifice, I believe, though giving away something precious, will in the end refill you.  The feeling of giving makes your heart swell. When you sacrifice something you have to give, you get more. Give away some love – very precious – and see how it will grow for you.  Give away clothes and watch for some new piece of clothing to come your way. When sacrifice is made with a full, giving heart, it is always repaid.

The act of Sacrifice, far from being destructive, can be healing.  The more you give, the more you make the act of sacrifice, willingly give something precious, the more you will feel the healing.  Giving fills you and can help to eliminate any holes inside.

As Jesus sacrificed his life, according to Christianity, so that we might live, so we sacrifice our time, our money or our used belongings so others might benefit.  Might live a little better.  Amen.

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