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I need to find the right word. Energy abators, downgraders, or compressors.

SARK talks about what makes your Energy Contract.  These are the things that bring you down like toxins, exhaustion, isolation, stress, worry, co-dependence .  .  . I’m trying to find the positive slant on this. And settle on a different name: Energy Abridgers, Dwindlers, or Whittlers.

What if you’ve had a busy day?  Maybe even a long one.  You’re tired and you want to rest, but you can’t settle down.  Even if your body is weary, your mind may still be reeling. There are times when you truly just want to relax.

Surely there must be healthy, fast ways to calm down the energy.  To modulate or minimize it when it’s pumping out of control.

Herb tea isn’t bad.  I tried a cup of Holy Basil tea last night that worked quite well.  Chamomile might do the trick, too.  Still, it’s not as fast or easy as pouring a glass of wine or opening a beer. And, depending on how late it is, tea can get me up in the night. Meditation would be good if I could sit still long enough for it to take hold.

Foot rubs (or any kind of massage) would certainly downsize or prune my energy level.  But I need to have a willing massager, ready whenever the need should arise.

A heavy meal comes to mind as well, but that doesn’t qualify in the healthy department. Political discussions have the opposite effect.

Any ideas?

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