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As an addendum to my last post, not only can we note when things are good, when they go right, but also when we do something right or good.  It’s so easy to dismiss our achievements or play them down.  When a friend does something wonderful, we are more likely to praise and encourage her to celebrate a good win.  For myself, “Ahh, it was nothing.  Not a big  deal. Probably just a fluke anyway.”  Or I decide I will celebrate, but end up forgetting or falling short in my festivities. 

It seems funny to be shy about these things.  When there’s so much good which can come from celebrating our wins, even the small ones.  I think we are hesitant because we are afraid of getting a “big head.” What does that mean, anyway?  The trouble comes when we only focus on our own wins and ignore those of others. Thinking we are the only one who can win. Or when we start to make up fake accomplishments.

I’m not a psychologist, but my guess is that people who we might say have a “big  head” don’t really appreciate the things they do.  I think that kind of egotistical attitude comes from insecurity. More of a lack of belief in one’s self.  If you felt really good about yourself, you’d have the spaciousness of generosity to allow and share in others’ successes. You certainly would have no reason to make things up.

So, I’m going to try to be less embarrassed by my successes and allow myself to feel them, to revel in them, as my Coach says. I doubt I’ll let myself get caught there. After all there are always more accomplishments, more successes to achieve!

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