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“As you recognize your wholeness and worth, dysfunctional situations evaporate like bad dreams exposed to the sun.”  – Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is a very wise man and a powerful writer.  Which is why, even with others interspersing, there is so much great material from him to fill his Daily Inspirations.

This one intrigued me.  Is it possible for that to happen so easily?  My Midwestern work ethic balks, it can’t possibly disappear that smoothly. But wait a minute. How easy is it to wake from a bad dream in the sunlight?  Perhaps it’s a bit unsettling, maybe jarring.  It is clearly a transition.

My growth into recognizing my wholeness and worth has been gradual.  But I’ve noticed dysfunctional situations either slipping out of my gaps like a live fish, or urging me to let go like an impatient child who isn’t entirely sure what she wants, but certain this is not it.

I’m struggling to change a few dysfunctional situations in my life right now.  But I’m finding that if I just allow them to run their course, they will.  Bashar said, “Dysfunctional systems will fall under their own weight.  Let them.”  I don’t have to push so hard, or worry so much. Nor must I go through such machinations.

Sure, I need to take steps, but the idea is to not be so stuck on the outcome of those steps.  Take one, take another.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other, but let it be and watch the dysfunctional situations fall of their own accord.

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