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I am a believer in affirmations. I do them regularly. And I feel it when I don’t. But there seems to be some controversy over them. Do they work or not?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Affirmations are positive statements, generally stated in the present tense. “I am beautiful, capable and loveable,” for instance.

Some want to say that repeating affirmations does not make you any more beautiful, capable or loveable. Maybe not.

For me, affirmations help to feel certain things. Vibrate at that level, shall we say. In that way you can, if you’re good and consistent, attract things. And anything repeated enough times has got to change how you see things. That can be extremely powerful!

I cannot, however, attest to being able to manifest things in my life simply by affirming them. But I can say that affirmations make me feel like I can. They keep me going when I’m slipping. Affirmations remind me of what I’m doing and why.

I wanted to go to a concert a good distance from my home.  I could take the train to get there, but wasn’t keen on doing that at 11 or 12 at night. So, I needed a ride home.  A week before the show, a friend told me she’d be happy to give me a ride.  But the night before the show it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen.  Still, there was hope.  By the next morning, the ride had fallen through.  What was I going to do?  It would be hard to find another ride this late in the game.

At the very last minute, the perfect ride (there and back) materialized.  The weather, which was supposed to be cool and rainy, turned out sunny and 70. I even got to eat at one of my favorite restaurants!

It all came together, I believe through this process:

1)  Decide what you really want.  In other words, set an intention.  I could’ve stayed home, but I decided I really wanted to go this concert. If I had been too ambiguous about this, it might not have worked so well.  Sometimes I may say I want to do something, but I’m not fully clear on it.

2)  State the reasons why.  As I went over this, I saw what the important features were –eating at the restaurant, hearing the performance, seeing some friends and contacts.  It fueled me and solidified my desire.

3)  Imagine yourself having it, being with it.  Being able to see myself there, smiling at good friends, eating good food, enjoying the concert, made it more real for me.  If I could see it, maybe it could happen.  As in all attraction, it helps very much if you can generate a good, strong feeling around it.

4)  Expect a Miracle.  This means acting as if it will happen.  Through the morning of the concert, I did as planned just in case.  I set my sites on that miracle and was determined to be ready if the opportunity arose.

5)  Let it go.  This may be the hardest step.  After all that build up, you need to allow yourself to be okay if it doesn’t happen.  Make a plan B and be comfortable with it.  Find the benefits in doing the alternative.  I resigned myself to the fact that I might well be staying home and looked to see what I was going to do instead.  I thought about how it might be a better thing if I stayed home.  I could get some things done, rest, make phone calls . . .  The more you can let go of needing plan A to happen, the more you open to the possibility.

Can you imagine all the things you could do, how magical your life would seem if you did this all the time?  I’m going to try it next on healing a relationship which could surely use a miracle.

I believe in miracles!

I want to talk about Love.  Yes, I might be a couple weeks early, but Love is a big subject.  I’ve been thinking that there are three pillars to the book I’m writing (and to life, as well) :
1.  Becoming more aware in the present moment.
2.  Expanding capacity to love.
3.  Attracting those people and situations which truly support.

These are all linked.  When you dabble in the present moment, you see things for what they are.  Without all those judgments.  This, I believe, expands the capacity for understanding, acceptance and love.  Love is a very powerful vehicle of attraction.

We all know people who have a high degree of passion for something or someone.  It’s very appealing!  Even if you’re not especially interested in the topic or the person.  If the other’s enthusiasm is high enough, you will be sucked into the excitement.

I have a friend who is a marvelous artist.  She studied at a famous art school, has worked for several prestigious galleries, knows all the right people in the field, and has done as much art as her busy life will allow.  I am not much of an art person. I  prefer words to pictures, on the whole.  But when I go to art events with her, suddenly everything changes. As soon as she infuses her love and passion, I begin to see it through her eyes.  What was once boring and uninteresting, comes alive.  Now that’s compelling!

Those folks who are always talking about the Law of Attraction, remind us that the key ingredient is passion.  How intensely do you want it?  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  When you can generate the feelings, you send out a homing signal to pull in other frequencies which match yours.  I do not believe there is a stronger frequency than love.

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