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It’s been well established – here and elsewhere – that Feelings are the key to attracting people and situations into your life.  It’s the feelings which are the sticky stuff.  The timbre or quality of the stickiness is what designates what is being attracted.

I believe in this.  I’ve seen proof of it.  I use lots and lots of affirmations, I paint vivid pictures, talk a lot about it, write even more, been known to create a focus board or two. All in the pursuit of generating the good feelings I want to, anticipate having, when this thing or person appears in my life.

However, until the situation manifests, I am often faced with the current lay of the land which doesn’t always produce good feelings. It’s very easy to get smacked in the face.

Let’s say I want a new bed.  My thoughts are filled with the feeling of how good it will be when I have the new bed!  How I’ll dress it up with new sheets.  How I’ll rise with a song in my heart!  But the truth of the matter is I often get up with a sore back – which chases all those good feelings away.  The point being that life has a way of tempering our strong, attractive feelings.

So, it’s incumbent upon us to turn up the volume on our feelings whenever we can.  This was Paulette Terrel’s suggestion during our last session.  One way she thought of was the Hicks’ Rampage of Appreciation.  Which is just what it sounds like: a dedicated, full speed ahead, no holds barred list of everything you’re grateful for.  Paulette said I might add why I’m grateful for it, ramping up the intensity even more.  Why am I grateful for the sun, my car or all the wonderful people in my life?  Being specific in appreciation has a similar effect to being specific in writing.  It turns up the volume, making things clearer, more true,   It’s like listening to music. Sometimes when you turn the volume up, even a little, it fills the room and your heart, lifting spirits even higher!

How about finding a more juicy way to say it?  Instead of, “I want to lose weight,” how about, “I can’t wait until I can wear that sweater!”  In place of “I want a new job,” I might say, “I’m keeping my eyes open for a new opportunity!”

Whatever you can do to raise the intensity of the feeling, make it even better, fuller in your heart, the more attractive it will be.

Sometimes life gets too absorbing.  My nose is to the grindstone, trying hard.  But it’s at times like these I need to step back and remember that it’s far more productive to use the “Elementals” to make things happen.

1)  The first step is always to get quiet and look inside. There I can find the inspiration of Guidance.  It is speaking to me through my dreams and visions.  Showing what I want and giving me the match to light the fire.  It reveals my Mission, what I truly want to do.

2)  Next I want to give my clear Attention and Awareness to this Mission.  Tell the truth and own what I want.  Listen, research, and learn what I need to do.  Give it thought and planning to know how to proceed.

3)  Back that up with Consistent Discipline, making the right choices, taking the steps I feel guided to take.  A small amount of effort, repeated regularly, produces results.  Keep taking authentic action.

4)  Along the way, care for myself and my actions with Acceptance and Flexibility.  Allowing myself to dance this way or that, fail or succeed, rest and play. Remaining open to whatever comes my way.

5)  I don’t want to forget to fuel myself with Gratitude and Appreciation.  Keep the talk ever positive, filling the well. Be grateful for whatever I create through my actions. Gratitude will multiply whatever I do.

Return inside for Guidance to check that my mission still feels right. Sharpen my awareness, keep taking conscious steps, take good care, and be grateful for everything I make happen.

Rinse and repeat.

This is a gift from Abraham, through Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I did a little research on the Internet. Evidently it’s from their book “Ask and It is Given,” which I have not yet read. (Though I have read others.)

I think the process is very cool. Sure, we can have our little gratitude sessions: “I am grateful today for sunshine.  I am grateful today for a healthy body. I am grateful today for my loved ones.” These are wonderful and the more we do them, the better and happier we are.  No question.

But let’s go on a rampage! To rush wildly, uncontrolled, frenzied. The definitions I read mentioned violent, but we can take aggressive out of that. Raging is a good word.  As is furiously.

The idea is to get more into it than just I am thankful for.  Instead, we might say, “Wow!  What a beautiful day!  I can’t wait for the plans I have for tonight! I am so lucky to have such a great car!”  Get into it. Go furiously, uncontrolled, raging with appreciation.

You can also do it on yourself.  “I have the best taste in music!  I just love how I feel when I listen to my favorite artists!  You know I really know a lot about music and how it’s made.  I am so blessed to have had such a great education!  I am so pleased with  the broad range of artists I love so much!”

Our purpose in doing this is to generate strong feelings.  Really good feelings. That state is quite powerful.  The Hicks reckon that in this place you are very attractive to the things you desire.

You might go on a rampage of how much you love someone or something. A rampage on all the wonderful things in your life.  Nature might be a good topic, too.  Let loose, hold nothing back.  Go wildly ahead with all the things that make you feel good.  Do it with plenty of enthusiasm!

My coach, Paulette Terrels, asked me to list 5 of my best qualities and then go on a rampage on one of them.  Man, did it feel good!  You can do this in your head or on paper.

Try it.  It’s fun to do and has amazing results!

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