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They always tell us to write what we know.  This doesn’t mean you have to know everything about something to write about it.  You can always find out.  But the truth is, the more you know, the better the piece.

Good writing requires that you put some of yourself into it.  The more integrated the writing is with who you are, the more a real person can shine through. When you write from what you have, what you’ve understood and internalized, the more wholeness, integrity show.  It’s always more believable when it’s coming from a place of knowing.  From a person you can relate to, or find common ground with.

Using what you have  – whether that’s writing, expressing love or tapping into supplies – you are sending messages of abundance to the universe.  You are saying that you are not afraid of running out of ideas, love, or pens.  Abundance principles teach that this simple act of using, multiplies.  The more you think you have, the more you have.  Ideas, in particular, are of a group which increase as you use them.  Muscles – body and mind – increase with use.

Objects which stay hidden, on the other hand, and are not used, create a drain. That creates a clog of some sort. In your mind or your life.  Things that are not used, not only take up physical space, but also psychic space.

If we are stingy with ourselves, we will be stingy with our writing.  Use what you have.  Give stuff, writing, love, time, ideas and whatever you can freely, and watch it increase.

From the book that never was ~

In this section we go into the lab. We’re going to be taking the emotions we discovered in the first section on the Table of Emotions and playing with them, mixing them and seeing what happens when we combine certain elemental emotions.

One of the things about Emotions is that they rarely travel alone.  They are most often accompanied by at least one, but maybe many more.  Combine the wrong emotions and you can have a real mess on your hands.

Mix any two fear-based feelings, like Closed and Insecure, Stress and Pressure, or Hunger and Anxiety. Your potion might start to hiss, boil and then explode all over you, as sure as if you’d opened a pressure cooker at the wrong time!

The same is true for positive emotions. Just imagine what great things can come forth from combining Abundance and Generosity!  How about someone who feels Peaceful and Caring?  Love and Joy; Confident and Excited, are also pleasant Love-Based mixtures.

Some things to note:

*  Choosing emotions from different families on the Table of Emotions can produce a more tempered potion.

*  Adding Doubt or Gratitude can instantaneously change the color of your potion.

*  Combing Love and Fear emotions does not always produce a guaranteed result.

Emotions can arise in you or come out of others.  Blending these two can be especially powerful.  Emotions are contagious.  Have you ever noticed how a happy person can walk into a room and change everyone’s mood?  Lift all the other spirits?

Homework for this section is to observe the myriad of emotion combinations possible. See if you can tell which feelings are going on at the same time within you and without you.

Many people feel that loving yourself completely is selfish and that you’ll be so consumed with yourself, you’ll never have time for others.  In fact, the opposite is true.

When you are fully in love with yourself, you are complete.  You have what you need, so you no longer depend on others to supply you with the love and attention we all crave.  It’s so freeing to release that need.  Is there any more freedom than not needing anything from anybody?

Fully loving yourself means you are aware of all that’s so wonderful about yourself.  You see how special you are, just the way you are.  This gives a grounding, a sense of self esteem that’s solid.  You no longer need to prove it.

When that constant striving is gone, what’s left is a knowing that you truly deserve love and attention.  This makes you completely open to all the good stuff others want to give you.  Rather than doubting or discounting it, you gobble up every bit. This creates an abundance of love building inside you.

From this overflow you can more deeply love and care for others. When you are full yourself, you don’t demand from others. You have so much more to give, without depleting your own supply. With more than you need, you willingly and easily give.

One of the ways I use to love myself more is to stop seeing myself through my own eyes and start thinking about how others see me.  When I’m churning out phrases like “I’m such a loser,” “I have nothing of value to give,” I change my perspective and say, you know, my friends might see me in a different way.  They might say I do have something to offer.  Left to my own devices I might not be able to see what I have, but taking a different view helps to see the truth.  This clarity will build up over time.

Taking good care of myself helps too.  Whenever I do something nice for me, buy myself a gift, or make a choice that supports my health and well being, I feel self esteem growing. 

Another tactic is to remember to offer myself congratulations when they are earned.  It’s so easy to skip over the successes because there’s always another challenge ahead.  But taking the time to pause and notice what I’ve done creates more fertile ground for the love to blossom.

Listing the things I like about myself is a fun activity.  I start with rote items like a school report card, but then something happens.  It shifts gear and I find surprising things about myself. The more of these gems I can find, the deeper I feel about myself. It makes sense:  when you’re falling for someone you focus on those things you like best about them and your love grows.

SARK likes to give herself hugs.  I’d like to hug her for that one.  She knows a thing or two about loving yourself.

There are so many ways to love ourselves it’s a wonder we don’t do more of it!

Every day we can choose.  Each and every moment.  What are we going to see?  The dreary, rainy day or the smiling faces of friends and colleagues?  Do we focus on why we didn’t get what we wanted or do we direct our attention and thoughts to what we can do now?

It truly is an amazing thing that we get to choose how we see the glass. And it’s an extremely powerful choice! They only key we need to unlock its profound effect is Awareness.

The second you notice you are feeling bad, sad, cranky, unhappy, disturbed, distressed, you are in the door. From there you get to pick which direction you wish to go.  Just one moment of awareness can make  all the difference.

You can feel and taste the difference:  My glass is half full.  Or my glass is half empty.  

I choose the half full glass, please. So I can fill it to the brim. And then I can overflow with abundance.

Chellie Campbell is one of my favorite authors.  I read from her Wealthy Spirit book every day. Today’s reading was about wearing emotions. Every day we wear our emotions. It is in our demeanor, the way we carry ourselves.  Certainly, it’s in the words we use.

So what are you projecting?  What emotions are seeping out without your choice?

What happens when you wear something like abundance?  “Costly thy rainment as they purse will bear,” my mother used to say.  But you don’t have to spend a dime to wear abundance.  Feeling is all that’s required.  And what a difference it can make in your day!

I love the phrase, wearing life like a loose fitting garment.  When you’re in loose clothes you’re likely to have a lighter attitude.  Remembering this phrase can create the experience no matter what you’re wearing.

It think it’s important to set the tone of my day by choosing how to I want to feel.  It helps to keep me grounded when life tries to tell me how to feel.

As I carefully choose the clothes I will wear, I can also chose the emotions I will wear.  And watch my day blossom!


My new coach has given me an assignment.  It’s an abundance practice.  As she tells the story,  I have a rich aunt who gives me a hundred dollars.  The only stipulation is that I have to spend it. Tomorrow, and each day henceforth, she will double her gift to me.  Every day I must spend my allotment.  Okay, so I had some fun buying  new clothes and furniture.  But when it got into the $100,000 range, I got a little stuck.  I decided I’d been greedy enough, now it was time to give.  So, I gave $25,000 each to four different charities – for peace, to fight hunger, Habitat for Humanity, and a foundation for teenage girls.  Low and behold, I was left with $2,400. What to do with it?  How about a nice vacation? 

I liked that.  How much does a vacation cost?  I picked my destination and started looking at luxury resorts.  I found a lovely one by the beach.  I wish I knew how to drop in a picture!  Turned out I had to book one of their best rooms, take the spa package and stay 6 days . . . life is rough!

SARK has an exercise she uses.  I think she calls it an Instant Vacation.  (Not sure of that.)  She has a program called SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure.  She is one who believes in such things. 

SARK instructs you to get comfortable and imagine your ideal vacation in detail.  It was a Sunday, so I went for it.  I laid down and imagined us arriving at the hotel, a porter, of course, will take our bags to the room.  He explains some of the amenities of the hotel and tells us about some good music in the local town.  I went through each day – one day we walked into town and did some shopping, another day we just sat at the beach, another, we took a boat cruise.  One morning we spent at their gorgeous pool. Every afternoon we went to the spa for a little workout and a massage.  They offered surfing lessons, which we just had to try. Wow, did I feel good!  One evening we went into town to check out the scene.  Another evening we stayed at the hotel and had dinner in their restaurant and hung out the poolside bar.  We took lots of walks on the beach and had a scrumptious time!

I can’t say that after my meditation session I felt like I had been pampered for a week, but I did feel pretty good.  One might even say I was refreshed.

But here’s the kicker.  On the  reality plane, there is no $2400 vacation in my future.  What exists is a long weekend at a friend’s house.  Can’t compete with a week’s resort  stay. 

I don’t understand it.  Maybe it has to do with the body not knowing the difference.  It is the feelings that count, after all.  I’m excited about our weekend getaway – almost as if we were spending a week at the beach.  I’m looking forward to each little detail of the weekend, what I will wear, what we will do, the feel of the water in the pool, the sun on my face, the evening breezes, the fun we’ll have with our friends.  I can’t wait!

Feelings are truly powerful juju.

The other day I stumbled upon the Orin and DaBen  site.  “Creating Money” is one of my all time favorite books.  It changed my life and how I look at a lot of things.

Almost everyone who talks about creating or attracting abundance stresses clarity. I, too, have seen firsthand how important it can be.  Whether or not you believe that the Universe delivers what you ask specifically for, it still makes sense in the practical, dense world to be clear on what you’re after.

I set a few intentions the other day and realized I was feeling uncomfortable about some of my choices.  The process starts with identifying and acknowledging that discomfort.  Then, you need to be willing to sit with it, to poke around and find out what it’s about.

When you choose something new, it often entails getting rid of something else.  I was concerned about what others might think about that.  But, seeing it clearly, I could reassure myself that if it is the right thing for me to do, others would understand, eventually.  This felt like an important enough change to make.  Without being clear on what was bothering me, I might have held myself back (or at least made it more difficult than it needed to be.)

There were also some aspects of this change that had me thinking, in the back of my mind, that things might turn out the way they have in the past and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back there.  But I realize, after hearing those thoughts, that I can make it what I want it to be. And if I keep thinking that things will turn out the same way, they are likely to do just that.  In the end, the difference will be in how I handle the change, how I react to it. That is completely in my control and not something to be feared.

Knowing these things has opened the path in front of me.  It’s made a large change more manageable  Rather than allowing that vague discomfort to linger, I took the time to listen to what I was telling myself, to feel what I was feeling.  I can see now that I can prepare others for this change, making it easier for therm.  And I’ll be aware enough so that I can control how things will play out and avoid past mistakes.

All because of a little clarity.

I wish that it was Thanksgiving every day.  Not because of the food. Goodness knows we eat way too much!  Not because of the time with family. (Though we could stand to do that a little more often.)  It’s not even because of the week day off.

I wish for Thanksgiving every day because it gets us to look at all we have to grateful for.  You don’t have to eat a big meal to know how abundant we are in this country.  Jack Canfield reminds us today to be grateful for all the little things.  Like food in the kitchen, heat warming our houses, a roof over our heads, a computer to surf the Internet and read thoughtful Blogs.  Gratitude is a powerful place to be.

Being grateful feels different.  When you’re grateful your chest is open and your muscles are loose.  When you think about what you don’t have, you get tight, your chest closes, your muscles tense.  It is a palpable difference.

Gratitude generates more of the same.  The Law of Attraction and all we know about abundance, calls for that state of Grace, in gratitude. You get what you think about.  When you spend most of your time thinking about what you do have and feeling grateful, it’s almost like creating a warm cape to throw over those feelings of lack.  At times you can melt them away.  The more you feel grateful, the more room you make in your life for more. 

Jack said it’s difficult for most people to be grateful.  It’s not that complicated, really.  It’s just a detective game.  See how many places you can find abundance in your life, notice where you feel grateful. That’s all.  The more you can put yourself in that state of gratitude grace, the more opportunities you find to be grateful, the more you will see.  And it adds up and expands, like drops in a bucket.

With the open feeling gratitude generates you also unleash more willingness to give to yourself and others.  When you feel abundant and overflowing, giving is a natural reaction. (It’s not a coincidence Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.)

Very powerful stuff, that.  Just imagine what we could all do if we took time each day, and as many moments as we can during the day, to be grateful for all that we have.  To pretend it’s Thanksgiving every day.

I wish for everyone long lists of Gratitudes.

From the book and workbook, “Living In the Light,” by Shakti Gawain.

The next section of the workbook is entitled, “Daily Life.”  For intuition to really work for us, we need to be an open channel for it to flow into our everyday lives.  Shakti says, when you do that, “ . . .  you will move toward aliveness, health, prosperity and creativity.”

For most of us money is a Big part of our lives.  And often a sore spot.  Money is, in fact, an energy, bestowed by our culture.  Whatever we choose to exchange for it is only a representation of that energy.  Shakti tells us that money is a creative energy.  And creative energy is in limitless supply. Therefore, money should be too.  “A lack of money,” she says, “reflects the energy blockages within ourselves.”

Shakti tells us that this energy is blocked when we’re not doing what we love or not open to receive.  Not following our inner guidance. We need to find the balance and harmony of the male and female energies within us.  To give and receive. Shakti says that when we open to this flow of guidance, life become effortless.  We’re no longer attached to money and therefore it can flow more freely.  What we’re up to is experiencing “the joy of learning how to flow the energy of the universe.  Money is just an extra bonus in the process.”

Also, remember that where you put your energy and thoughts is where that money will flow.  If you have a thought you can only have what you need, that’s what you will get. Shakti describes a budget as a blueprint.  So you make a budget for what you want. and then you keep expanding that.

Exercise 23 is a meditation for feeling the energy of money and abundance.
Sit comfortably and breathe deeply a few times, relaxing your body and clearing your mind.  Then imagine there is a golden light under your feet.  As you inhale, imagine that light coming up through your body lighting up every cell.  Imagine it spilling form the top of your head and surrounding your body with its energy.  Stay with that for awhile, breathing in and out.  See the light filling you with joy and creating inner knowing and limitless opportunity, as it washes away all your thoughts of lack and negatively – clearing the blockages.

Then, see this light in you reflecting into the world and visualize how that will play out in your life.  When you are full and open to abundance, what will your life look like?  See how many details you can come up with for how you live, move, work. Your friends, your creativity.  Just feeling what it would be like.

When you’re done, come back to where you are now and write about what you saw.  Shakti suggests writing to a friend about it.

Exercise 24 is a practice of seeing the answers within.  We’re going to ask our inner guidance where we’re blocking ourselves. We start by getting quiet and relaxed and then putting our attention inside ourselves.  Ask, “How am I blocking the flow of energy and wealth into my life now?”  Shakti asks that we be open to when and what that answer may be.  It may happen right away, may take a few days.  It could be a picture or a thought or a feeling.  When you feel you’ve gotten all you can from this session, pull out of it.  Set up 2 columns and in the first one write, “How I am blocking myself.”  Fill that in with what you realized.  Leave it open to add more later.  In the second column write some ideas for what you could do about it.

I had a feeling in my body that I need to move more.  My legs were twitching.  And I had a sense that I want more playful energy in my life.  Something said inside of me to release the tension and worry.  My new plans include a lot more getting out and about.  And I hope, with what I will manifest from that, there will be more space for play.  I’m practicing these days, releasing whenever I feel that tension or worry.  And it’s working.

Exercise 25 is an arts and crafts project.  I love those!  Shakti want us to draw or make a collage with clipped pictures from a magazine of the abundant life we saw in Exercise 23.  Include pictures, symbols and words.  These “focus boards” as they’re sometimes called are not only fun to create, they’re an inspiration to have around.  I’ve found that if I remain open as I search for the pictures (or draw, I suppose), I’m not always sure why I’ve chosen a particular thing. Later, after I’ve had a chance to look at it and ponder it, I am always surprised to find how right on my choices were.  Have fun.  It’s a good chance to play!

There are several streams coming together this week for me.  The Coach by the Lake and I talk of crossing the streams like they did in “Ghost Busters,” for maximum effect.

As Positive Slant blog readers know, I have been reading “The Energy of Money” by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.  In the last chapter, she talked about the Jewish tradition of saying, when a healthy, beautiful baby is born, “What a shame about that ugly, sickly baby,” to avoid tempting fate.  I am quite certain that my mother’s Dutch and German heritage had similar superstitions and deep fears. This is not the first message I’ve gotten recently that I need to change the stories I’ve been telling myself too long.

This week in the SARK class we had a guest teacher since SARK was at Kripalu, teaching another class.  Marney Makridakis.  She has been the Inner View-er of the Inner Views we get every week.  One of the things Marney did was to ask us to pretend we were at a TV broadcast of the reunion of this Dream Boogie class in May, 2012.  We were going to be asked the following four questions.  In our small groups, we could answer any one of them.

1.  What do you love most about your life right now?
2.  What was your biggest challenge and how did you get through it?
3.  What advice might you give for people to achieve what you’ve achieved?
4.  The most important thing to know about the journey from dreaming to doing is:

Of course it’s not easy to come up with spiffy answers after having about 2 minutes to think about it and only 3 minutes to answer.  But it got us all jazzed up any way.  After the class, when I had some time to think, I answered all four.  In telling how I had overcome my challenge to get where I am, here in good old 2012, I loved the idea of saying, I rewrote my story.  What a perfect thing for a writer to do! 

Dr. Nemeth also spoke, in this chapter, about Abundance. That we so often think of it as having more.  When in fact, Abundance is about the totality.  The compliments and the complaints.  Accepting it all, allowing it all, opens pathways for receiving and loosens the energy for doing. What a revelation that has been for me!

And finally, this SARK class is, after all, about going from Dreaming to Doing.  As I cross these streams and prepare to use this opened energy, with my new story in hand, and an acceptance of the abundance of the world, The Coach by the Lake is helping me make concrete goals and holding me accountable.  I am so excited about the bold moves I have ahead of me!  You will be hearing from me. 

Marney and SARK are going to be teaching a free teleclass next Thursday, June 3rd.  If you have the time, I highly recommend it.  They are both, I can say from first hand experience, excellent teachers!  It’s called “SARK and Marney’s Magic Management: How Your Inner CEO and Inner Spirit Can Get Along and Thrive” and it’s going to be wonderful! They both have much they can teach us on this subject. After the class, there will be a live information session for Dream Boogie, where participants in the current session will share their experiences and answer questions.  I will be one of them!

Please click on this banner for more information and to register for an illuminating free teleclass.

SARK and Marney's Magic Management

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