I wanted to tell my readers about the changes here at The Positive Slant.  On the surface, here, there aren’t many. I will continue to post as usual on spiritual refractions once or twice a week, as I have.

You may have noticed the new name, The Positive Slant On the Path.  For the last few months, I have been slipping in posts on the spiritual refractions in writing.  I am now positing those essays on a  new Blog called, The Positive Slant On Writing, Observations on the Spiritual Refractions in Every Day Writing.  This fuses my two passions of personal/spiritual growth and writing.  It is by and large for writers, or aspiring writers. I will be posting once or twice a week to this Blog.

From now on, at The Positive Slant On the Path, posts will be strictly spiritual refractions. Over the years, I have strayed from time-to-time from this course to other areas. In order to keep this Blog focused,  I’ve created a few more Blogs for my other interests.

In association with my new website, The Word Tech, I offer a series of Blogs From the Files. Over the years, as a writer, I have collected a lot of material.  I will be posting regular rewrites of some of this material in From the Files – Rants and Raves.  Long time readers of this Blog will recall my frequent forays into movie reviews.  There are plenty more where that came from!  New reviews of films, TV series, books and music will appear in the this Blog every week, along with the occasional rant on life, politics and the earth.

For lighter fare, you might try From the Files – Scenes and Musings.  These are light-hearted essays on a wide variety of topics.  I plan, soon, to add From the Files – The Word Tech’s Tool Box Magazine.  This will feature articles and essays on more practical aspects of life, like organization, how-to articles and tips. Keep an eye out for From the Files – Fiction.  A collection of short stories on music and magic. Sample them all, pick your favorites and sign up or check back often.  New posts and expanded categories will be added regularly. So don’t miss a thing!

Along with my new Word Tech persona, I have a Blog called The Positive Slant On Business. It will bring Observations on the Ways of Doing Business with more Soul and Heart.  I plan to have longer posts, once a month. You can check out The Word Tech website.

My other website, UpWrite Words, (currently under construction) will be a clearinghouse for ever-changing spiritual resources that you might be interested in. It will also feature news of UpWrite Words publications, including my novel, The Easy Road, for sale on the site shortly. This story, set in the music business, is about a 30-something accountant who struggles with his passion for music and the life he has built for himself.  New additions will be updated frequently.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

In the meantime, I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my posts On the Path and find yourself uplifted from the positive slant.  My next post will be back on track!