This title comes from an America song.

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.  The weather had taken a turn for the better and I wondered if that was the reason. Disappointed that my mood could so easily be swayed by the shifting winds of weather, I decided to take a closer look at it.

Taking quiet time listen to yourself is a very important thing to do.  Really listening to what you’re telling yourself can offer great benefits.  Even if that can only be on a weekend morning, while commuting or during nap time.

What I discovered surprised me.  True enough, I had felt better with the warming temps.  But when winter raised its ugly head again, I still had a positive attitude.  There were a few other things that may have contributed to the lift – an old friend resurfacing, a new vision and interesting projects.

When I looked deeper (not content with all those outside reasons), I found that I’ve been paying more attention to the present moment.  Usually, my thoughts tend to stray.  Especially in winter. What will the weather be like tomorrow?  Will things come together as I want them to?  Did I handle that right?  When I just keep my focus in the moment, on today, amazing things happen.

I am enjoying what I’m doing a whole lot more.  I’m not so stressed about what I didn’t do because I’m not thinking about the results tomorrow.  I’m not concerned about what I did or didn’t do, because I know I was focused on the moment and did what I needed to do.  That’s the end of that.

In the moment, all is well.  It’s either snowing or it isn’t. Tomorrow will be what it is. Whatever calamity I might have imagined in the future evaporates like the illusion it is, in the face of Today.  What I did yesterday just doesn’t matter.  I can be totally involved with nothing more than the moment I’m in.