I was talking recently with the wonderful Laamie Young of Blank Verse Jewelry.  We agreed that so many of us suffer from too much-itis.  We do too much and find it difficult to say no to anyone.  Whether it’s for our job, our business, a friend, loved ones or just anyone in need.  It’s like we’re all obligated to say yes all the time.

Perhaps, as Laamie pointed out, it’s a matter of policy.  Of knowing what your policy is.  A nice, tight description of what you will and will not do, before the request is proffered. At the moment of asking then, you know what to do, how to answer.  And don’t have to automatically say, “Sure!”  You are aware of either what you will or will not do, or have tactics for buying yourself some time before you agree.

We’ve talked about boundaries in the personal growth world for a long time.  It’s a great tool to keep balance in your life.  It helps you to relax, knowing where you belong. That if you decide to step over those boundaries, you do it knowing full well what it means.  But if not, you can stand firm beside the policy you’ve created.

Restrictions are created by others, by outside influences. Boundaries are self-created and based on things like making sure we don’t do too much or stretch ourselves too thin.  That we stand by our principles.  Remembering that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we are of little good to those asking for us.

We all must make our own policies, set up our specific boundaries.  Based on who we are and what we want, what our goals and beliefs are.