Not long ago, I wrote about how asking “What if” was a hoax.  I believe it is a fallacy to think you can outguess life.

But I’ve come to see it from another way, now.  The question of “what if” is as essential to writing as it is to dreaming.

What if a person like this came together with a person like that?  Science fiction is based on what if questions.  What if that happens is the genesis of most fiction.  What happens next are the stepping stones.  You can’t write much without asking “What if.”

This kind of “what if” can spawn more questions to ponder.  What if I could reach out to millions of people at once with my words?  What would I want to say to say to them?  What would I wish the result to be?  What if I could help them see things in a different way, a different perspective?  That’s some important information to have.

“What if” questions open the way for unlimited dreaming.  What if you could be a success?  What if this situation was exactly as you’d like it to be? What if you got everything you wanted for Christmas?  What if you could have the things you want?

Invention is birthed in it ~ What if I could understand how this works better?  What if I could make it more able to serve?

Service is born from it ~ What if I could help others expand their options, help them to lift their burdens?  What if everyone I knew who longs to be of service was given the opportunity to use their gifts for others?

These are powerful questions about what is possible.  And the answers, while not able to offer any guarantees, can certainly map the way for some wonderful things to happen.  It’s all a matter of perspective.